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How can a Startup seek Technical Help for Designing or Architecting Solutions on the Cloud?

Startups can find using the Cloud provides them with a lot of benefits including savings in time and cost. But being a Startup they need help to utilize the cloud more effectively and more efficiently for their purposes. Where can they find such help?

You can find the answer in the following video.

Bhavesh Goswami, CEO, CloudThat is moderating a panel discussing here. The question was “What is the best way for a Startup to seek technical help in terms of designing or architecting solutions on the Cloud?”

Panel: Demystifying Cloud Technology

Bhavesh Goswami, Founder & CEO, CloudThat Technologies

Mahesh R, Co-Founder & CEO of NanoBI
Satya Kishore, Co-Founder & CEO of Invicto
Mohammed Nasiruddin, Technical Evangelist — Windows Azure
Santanu Dutt, Technology Evangelist-AWS
Pavan Yara, Solution Architect, Eucalyptus




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