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IT Staff Augmentation Challenges and How to Solve Them Effectively – Part 2

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In the previous blog, we saw IT Staff augmentation and its benefits. Today, we are going to deep dive into the IT Staff augmentation or Contract Hiring strategy and the challenges that companies face regarding hiring IT talent and solving them effectively.

While there are many sourcing models, companies are finding it difficult to catch up with technological advancements and match customer needs. The demand for qualified, certified specialists boomed after the pandemic as more employees aspire to upskill and get trained on multi-cloud platforms. This has contributed significantly to the IT Staff Augmentation service industry.

Staff augmentation services or Contract Engineering Services bring convenience, and innovation, and provide an edge to the organizations to expand their businesses. It helps them to reduce operational costs, deliver customer projects on time, and bring in the best talent to their team.

While IT contract hiring can be extremely beneficial, many organizations come across certain roadblocks and challenges. These need to be addressed and resolved quickly.

Major Challenges Faced by Companies to Augment Their IT Staff

#1: Finding the right partner

#2: Accessing legal issues

#3: Knowledge Transfer Sessions

#4: Finding the right talent

#5: Managing resources

#6: Off-boarding

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Innovative IT Staff Augmentation Solutions

#1: CloudThat offers 360 Degree Cloud Contract Staffing Services for customers’ cloud-adoption needs who are certified on multi-cloud platforms and experienced in working with various industry domains at optimized costs. CloudThat is the right partner for you to collaborate with to fulfill your skilled talent necessities.

#2: To deal with legal issues, sign a fool-proof contract with your Staff Augmented Partner and mention all possible cases, and maintain complete transparency in your relationship with the partner. There can be multiple contracts signed with the same partner for hiring different resources for different projects. You can design contracts for long-term, short-term, or fixed-price projects. Ensure that both parties agree on the penalties levied for non-compliance, security breaches, or delay of no payment of invoices, and respect timelines for project delivery.

#3: An unplanned resource hiring can be disastrous if the new members are not given the right knowledge transfer sessions. Include a period where the new hires have technical knowledge sessions from the existing team or the customer on the requirements, designs, and deployment processes. Identify the right trainers, and documentation, and include Q&A sessions for information gathering. A debriefing session with all the stakeholders can prove to be effective and successful.

#4: A well-fitting and flexible outsourcing partner can help you meet your IT talent needs. After onboarding, keep an eye on cultural compatibility, matching time zones, certified resources, and a combination of senior, junior, and architect-level staff with niche talent.

#5: While the outsourcing partner offers a team of experts, it is your responsibility also to manage the resources working under your roof. Follow the standards of IT management and have a dedicated manager for the outsourced personnel to address their grievances such as sudden leaves due to medical emergencies and include them in office events. Maintain a cordial relationship with the new members and make them feel comfortable working alongside your in-house team.

#6: Conduct knowledge transfer sessions during off-boarding and create guides, user manuals, and case studies to help the in-house team after the completion of the project. Let this off-boarding period be seamless and on good terms.


Whether you want to employ a single architect or a team of software developers, IT Staff Augmentation companies provide instant hiring solutions and recruit them quickly. If your customers are looking for skilled IT resources who are cross-trained, multi-cloud certified professionals, contact our Contract Engineering team instantly. We assist you to grow your business by ensuring easy integration of your remote development task force.

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CloudThat is the official AWS (Amazon Web Services) Advanced Consulting Partner and Training partner and Microsoft gold partner, helping people develop knowledge on the cloud and help their businesses aim for higher goals using best-in-industry cloud computing practices and expertise. CloudThat is one of the top IT Staff Augmentation companies, a house of All-Encompassing IT Services on the Cloud offering Multi-cloud Security & Compliance, Cloud Enablement Services, Cloud-Native Application Development, OTT-Video Tech Delivery Services, Training and Development, and System Integration Services.

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