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Revolutionizing Analytics: Amazon QuickSight for E-Commerce Merchants

Introduction to Amazon QuickSight

AWS offers a service for business analytics called Amazon QuickSight. It provides straightforward tools for developing visualizations, doing ad hoc research, analyzing the data to make business conclusions, and communicating the results. It handles various big data sources for business intelligence and intuitive data visualizations.

It competes with BI(Business Intelligence) tools like Tableau and Microsoft Power BI.

Workflow of Amazon QuickSight


Source: AWS

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Pointers on Amazon QuickSight

  • It is a fully managed cloud-scale AWS BI tool
  • We can create data visualization and dashboards
  • We can connect Amazon QuickSight to different sources as well
  • Tools for user management are available, making it simple to scale your users.
  • SPICE – It stands for Simulated Program with Integrated Circuit Emphasis. It is an engine that stores data in memory for faster retrieval.
  • Affordable cost per user
  • Easy-to-use dashboard, Data Visualization, and analysis creation interface

Benefits of using Amazon QuickSight

The benefits of using Amazon QuickSight are :

When the information is retrieved to create dashboards, you can expect very quick responses.

  1. A single analysis can incorporate a variety of data from several sources.
  2. Dashboards can be easily published, and their functionality can be easily controlled.
  3. Machine Learning based data insights that are automatic and configurable are available to you. This implies that you may utilize the enterprise edition of forecasting, outlier detection, anomaly detection, and identifying hidden patterns to take action on crucial business drivers.
  4. The ability to federate users, groups, and single sign-on with IAM Federation, SAML, Open ID connect, or AWS Directory Service for Microsoft Active Directory (enterprise edition).
  5. For security, you can grant granular permission to AWS data, grant row level access, encrypt the data at rest, and access private data on-prem or in AWS virtual private cloud (or VPC).

Real-World Applications of Amazon QuickSight

In the real world, Amazon QuickSight can assist firms in decision-making based on data. Businesses can use the technology to evaluate their data and acquire new insights instantly. Companies can use this to find trends, patterns, and anomalies that can guide their decision-making.

For example, a retail company can utilize QuickSight to examine sales data and pinpoint the top-grossing items, the most lucrative areas, and the most successful marketing initiatives. The company can use this data to target its marketing initiatives, increase sales, and optimize inventory levels.

Similarly, a healthcare institution can examine patient data using QuickSight to spot trends in patient outcomes. Identifying areas where their processes may be improved can assist the business in providing better patient care and results.

E-Commerce Applications of Amazon QuickSight

Companies in the E-Commerce sector can benefit from Amazon QuickSight by streamlining their processes and obtaining a competitive edge. Online businesses can manage inventory levels, examine customer data, and fine-tune pricing strategies with the technology Amazon QuickSight.

For example, it can be used by an online store, for instance, to assess customer information and identify the consumer groups most likely to make a purchase. The retailer might be able to target their marketing initiatives better and boost conversion rates.

Another example, Amazon QuickSight, can be used by an online store to keep track of their inventory levels and identify items that are moving quickly. With this information, the retailer can adjust inventory levels to avoid stockouts and ensure enough inventory to meet customer demand.


In conclusion, Amazon QuickSight is a useful tool for companies wanting to acquire a competitive edge in today’s data-driven world. Making data-driven decisions that can increase their bottom line gives organizations the capacity to analyze and visualize their data in real time. Amazon QuickSight is a potent tool that may assist companies of all sizes in optimizing their strategy and acquiring a competitive edge, whether operating in the physical world or online commerce.

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1. What is Amazon QuickSight?

ANS: – Amazon QuickSight is an AWS based Business Intelligence and visualization tool. It visualizes data and creates stories to provide graphical data details.

2. What data sources can Amazon QuickSight connect to?

ANS: – Some data sources are

  • Amazon Athena
  • Amazon Aurora
  • Amazon Redshift
  • Amazon Redshift Spectrum
  • Amazon S3

3. Which type of data type and values are supported by Amazon QuickSight?

ANS: – Amazon QuickSight currently supports the following primitive data types: Date, Decimal, Integer, and String.

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