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Unveiling the 2024 Microsoft Azure Certification Path: What You Need to Know


One of the most sought-after IT certification exams in the business is the Azure certification. In this blog, find the best Microsoft Azure certification courses you can opt for to build a successful career. Figuring out a learning path is not easy; read along to understand a favourable way.

Following the release of new Azure Services in 2020, Microsoft introduced new Azure certificates based on exam-taker input, replacing some of the previous ones. Nevertheless, AZ-900 certification remains the prerequisite for obtaining any other Microsoft Azure certification. To get the latest upgrades for Azure Certifications, let’s proceed through this Azure learning path.

Microsoft Azure offers more than a dozen certifications to help people working in the cloud computing sector or aspiring to enter it. In order to learn from the real world, hands-on laboratories and sandboxes on Azure are available.

Latest Update:

The latest changes to the Microsoft Azure certifications are listed below:

1. On August 22, 2023, Microsoft declared that the SC-400 course exam and certification will go by new names. Exam SC-400: Microsoft Information Protection Administrator will now be known as Exam SC-400: Administering Information Protection and Compliance in Microsoft 365. Meanwhile, Microsoft Certified: Information Protection Administrator Associate will be known as Microsoft Certified: Information Protection and Compliance Administrator Associate.

2. MS-500 and MS-600 will no longer be in service. The new MS-102 Beta Exam replaces MS-101 and MS-100. MD-102 Beta Exam will replace MD-101 and MD-100 (Beta accessible in May 2023)

3. On February 28, 2023, the following Microsoft Azure certification tests in Arabic, Indonesian, and Russian will be discontinued. This implies that these Azure examinations won’t be offered in these languages after this date.

∙ AZ-140, AZ-120, AZ-600, AZ-700, AZ-720, AZ-800, AZ-801

∙ SC-100, SC-200, SC-300,SC-400

∙ DP-300, DP-500, DP-420

∙ MS-500

New Microsoft Azure Certifications Path

The updated role-based Microsoft Azure certificate levels of learning are all connected by The Azure Fundamentals, Associate, and Expert levels. Area of expertise Azure Certificates are intended for individuals who wish to specialise in a specific field.

Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Certification

The core exam in the new Azure certification path is Microsoft Azure Fundamentals (AZ-900). This test is meant for anyone who wants to use Microsoft Azure to demonstrate their fundamental understanding of cloud services. You can take this certification exam even if you have no technical experience as long as you understand the fundamentals of cloud computing. The AZ-900 practice test allows you to assess your level of preparation, but it is advisable that you take the Free AZ-900 practice test first.

practice test first.

Exam: Microsoft Azure Fundamentals: AZ-900

The associate-level and expert-level Azure certification paths begin with the AZ-900 Microsoft Azure Fundamentals exam. Validating your core knowledge is optional, but it will help you in some way. Additionally, while it’s not required, passing the AZ-900 test serves as the foundation for obtaining all other associate and expert-level Azure certifications. To prepare for the AZ-900 exam, you can take practice exams covering Azure fundamentals.

This is the perfect certification to start with if you want to get a Microsoft Azure certification path but don’t know much about clouds. You can take azure training online.

Prerequisites: No specific requirements are needed to take the Microsoft Azure Fundamental test, but candidates should be familiar with and possess a fundamental understanding of the Microsoft Azure platform and cloud services.

Domains covered in AZ exams are Cloud Concepts, Azure Architecture & Services, Azure Management & Governance.

Azure Administrator Associate

The latest revisions state that in order to become an Azure Administrator Associate, a candidate must pass just one certification exam, AZ-104: Microsoft Azure Administrator. You will obtain an Azure Administrator Associate badge and become a Microsoft Certified Azure Administrator Associate upon passing the Azure AZ-104 certification exam.

AZ-104: Microsoft Azure Administrator

The best Azure certification for the position of Microsoft Azure Administrator is the AZ-104 certification exam. The upgraded version of the current Microsoft Azure Administrator exam (AZ-103) is AZ-104. The AZ-104 Azure certification assesses candidates’ implementation, management, and monitoring skills for identity, virtual networks, storage, governance, and computing in cloud environments.

One of the highest-paying jobs in the industry is that of a Microsoft Azure Administrator. Get Azure certification to position yourself to receive the highest possible income for an Azure Administrator.

Often, as an Azure administrator, you work with a broader team that sets up the cloud infrastructure for an organization. Furthermore, you collaborate with other positions to deliver Azure solutions for networking, security, database administration, application development, and DevOps.

You ought to be familiar with:

∙ Operating System

∙ Networking

∙ Server

∙ Virtualization

The average Microsoft Azure Administrator salary in India ranges from ₹ 3.1 Lakhs to ₹ 15.0 Lakhs for less than 2 years of experience to 10 years. The average annual salary is ₹ 6.9 Lakhs. The average Azure admin salary in the USA is $55.10 per hour or $114,600 yearly. While entry-level positions start at $104,700, the majority of experienced workers make up to $140,000 annually.

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The following are the essential requirements to pass the Azure AZ-104 test.

∙ A minimum of six months of hands-on Microsoft Azure administrative experience.

∙ Excellent knowledge of Azure workloads, security, governance, and core services.

∙ Practical understanding of the Command Line Interface, PowerShell, ARM templates, and Azure Portal.

∙ Domains covered in AZ-104 certifications are Azure identities and governance management, implementation and management of storage, deployment and management of Azure compute resources, Configuration and management of virtual networks, and monitoring and backup for Azure resources.

Azure Developer Associate

You only need to pass the AZ-204: Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure certification exam once to be eligible for the Azure Developer Associate position. You will obtain an Azure Developer Associate badge and become a Microsoft Certified Azure Developer Associate upon passing the AZ-204 certification test.

Currently in beta testing, the AZ-204 Azure Certification is the latest required test for Azure developers. This Azure credential is perfect for cloud developers working on many stages of development, including planning, developing, deploying, and managing cloud applications.


The following are crucial requirements in order to take the AZ-204 exam:

∙ Comprehensive knowledge of Azure SDKs, APIs, data storage choices, app permissions and authentication, monitoring, debugging, compute and container deployment, performance tuning, and data connections.

∙ Two to three years minimum of practical experience in professional growth.

∙ Practical knowledge of using the Microsoft Azure cloud.

∙ Proficiency with a minimum of one programming language that Azure supports.

Azure Security Engineer Associate

The most recent position to be added to the role-based Azure certification path is Azure Security Engineer. Exam AZ-500: Microsoft Azure Security Technologies is the sole certification you must complete to become a Microsoft Certified Azure Security Engineer. Upon passing the AZ-500 certification test, you will receive the Azure Security certification along with an Azure Security Engineer badge, making you a Microsoft Certified Azure Security Engineer. Let’s examine the AZ-500 exam’s specifics.

Microsoft Azure Security Technologies (AZ-500)

The AZ-500: Azure Security Technologies test, designed for Azure security engineers, was just released by Microsoft. To be eligible for the AZ-500 test, you do not need to pass any further certifications; however, passing the AZ-900: Microsoft Azure Fundamentals exam is advised.


The following are required to take the Microsoft Azure Security Technologies (AZ-500) exam:

∙ Knowledge of how security controls are implemented on the Microsoft Azure platform

∙ Thorough understanding of networking, cloud N-tier architecture, Amazon Kubernetes Service, and virtualization.

∙ The capacity to identify and fix security flaws with various security instruments, putting security solutions in place to safeguard data, networks, and applications.

∙ Proficiency with identity and access management, security status maintenance, scripting and automation.

∙ Applicants must have hands-on experience managing Azure and hybrid settings.

∙ Candidates must have prior experience working with Azure services, cloud capabilities, security operations procedures, and infrastructure as code.

Domains covered under AZ-500 are:

∙ Manage Identity and Access

∙ Secure Networking

∙ Managing Security Operations

∙ Secure, Compute, Storage & database

How Do I Get Ready for the Latest Certifications in Microsoft Azure?

The best ways to get ready for new Microsoft Azure certifications are through online courses and in-person training. You can take practice exams for this certification on a variety of platforms following Microsoft azure training. The few actions you may take to prepare for the new Microsoft Azure Certifications Path adequately are listed below.

Go through the exam details: You can obtain information about the certifications that come under the new Microsoft Azure Certifications Path. You can use this to verify the requirements.

Examine the Course Content and Requirements: The most important factor in getting ready for any Azure certification is the course content. Before choosing to follow the new Microsoft Azure Certification Path, you should also review the prerequisites.

Check Exam Overview:  Exam details, objectives, and domains are included in the exam overview. The exam outline should be reviewed prior to choosing Microsoft Azure certification courses.

Use the Exam Guide as a directory: Use the test guide to gain further insight into the Microsoft Certification path. It will assist you in comprehending the different elements of the Microsoft Azure Certification Path.

Read the Whitepapers on Certifications: The most essential resource for preparing for the Microsoft Azure Certification Path is whitepapers. To gain clarity on the exam objectives in the Microsoft Azure Certification Path, you should review certification Whitepapers.

Go through recommended books: The required books must be studied to learn more about Microsoft Azure Certifications. It will be fantastic to adhere to the book’s guidelines in order to complete the Microsoft Azure Certification Path.

Examine sample questions and drills: Additionally, you can review sample questions and take practice exams for the new Azure certification path

To Sum Up:

The growing scope of Azure services makes professional qualifications essential for using the Microsoft Azure platform. There are a lot of options for aspiring IT professionals to launch their careers with Microsoft Azure’s new certification test lineup.

Certifications make professional development easier, especially when they come from industry giants like Microsoft Azure. Candidates should select the certification path that best suits their professional goals and skill set. The correct direction, instruction, and support are essential for success in the Microsoft Exams required for the Azure certification path. This blog might have been helpful if you weren’t sure which Azure certification to opt for and appear first. Make the proper training course choice to secure a successful career!

CloudThat Azure Certifications training courses can assist you in getting ready for and passing the new Azure certifications if you are planning to pursue these role-based Azure certifications. Become a Microsoft Certified Azure professional by joining us right now. These top-tier qualifications enable people to succeed in the fast-paced Microsoft Azure environment.

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