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The Truth About Charmed Kubernetes: An Ultimate Guide


Are you intrigued by the widespread use of Kubernetes in the cloud world? Canonical’s Ubuntu offers Charmed Kubernetes and MicroK8s as the ultimate solution. Let’s explore how Canonical’s Kubernetes empowers seamless multi-cloud experiences and brings convenience.

Ubuntu and Kubernetes: The Perfect Match

Canonical, the publisher of Ubuntu, understands the significance of Kubernetes in the cloud realm. Ubuntu aims to provide users with a seamless multi-cloud experience, supporting public, private, and edge cloud workloads. Unlocking the potential to avoid lock-in, Ubuntu is the only OS empowering users across different cloud environments.

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Introducing Charmed Kubernetes and MicroK8s

Canonical offers Charmed Kubernetes and MicroK8s for streamlined deployment and operation. Charmed Kubernetes runs the same Kubernetes on public and private clouds, providing an enterprise-ready, full-conformant Kubernetes experience. On the other hand, MicroK8s presents a lightweight, zero-ops Kubernetes solution tailored for small to medium-edge clusters. Charmed Kubernetes is not just another deployment tool. It’s a composable set of charms designed specifically for deploying and managing Kubernetes clusters. Built on the juju framework, it provides a unique approach to managing infrastructure and application workloads within a Kubernetes environment. Charmed Kubernetes comprises machine charms for orchestrating Ubuntu machines and Kubernetes charms for managing Kubernetes deployments. This approach allows for seamless orchestration and control of Ubuntu machines, all remotely managed via tools like Juju. Juju’s programmatic approach to service management makes Charmed Kubernetes a valuable asset in the orchestration landscape.

Seamless Multi-Cloud Deployments with Canonical

Enterprises can leverage Canonical’s tooling to simplify multi-cloud deployments and ensure traceability with GitOps. With a focus on lifecycle automation, Canonical’s solutions provide a centralized management system and guarantee operational transparency. Understand how Canonical delivers multi-cloud Kubernetes through Charmed Kubernetes and MicroK8s.

Unravelling Charmed Kubernetes: Simplicity and Stability

Charmed Kubernetes simplifies operations and enhances cluster protection by facilitating easy component replacement with a single command. It automatically handles configuration, dependencies, and backups, providing peace of mind to operators. The fail-proof performance during upgrades and optimal capacity management without disrupting workloads make it ideal for telco environments.

MicroK8s: Rapid Kubernetes Deployment

MicroK8s offers rapid deployment of Kubernetes on any major OS and is perfect for single-node or multi-node clusters without requiring VMs. Its compatibility with diverse platforms such as major Linux distros, Windows, and Mac makes it a versatile choice for developers and operators needing speed and flexibility.

Canonical Kubernetes: The Ideal Solution

Canonical Kubernetes is tailored to fit all use cases, excelling in resource-constrained environments and IoT appliances. It demands minimal maintenance while offering high availability and top-notch enterprise support, making it the go-to option for diverse scenarios.

Components and Ecosystem

Delving deeper, Charmed Kubernetes encompasses many components, including worker nodes, easy rsa, subordinates, and sub-charms. These components form the foundational substrate of the ecosystem, facilitating the interoperable layers of Kubernetes. The management of services and the concept of relations within this ecosystem are seamlessly integrated, thanks to Juju’s approach.

Seamless Updates and Management

One of the compelling features of Charmed Kubernetes is its ability to provide seamless updates and curated charms for Kubernetes clusters. Using curated charms with tracks and channels, similar to snap packages on Ubuntu, enables independent management of cluster components, ensuring that updates are seamlessly integrated without disrupting existing operations.

Foundational Integrity and Interoperability

Charmed Kubernetes offers a strong value proposition for your Kubernetes cluster’s foundational integrity and interoperability. It distinguishes between L1 foundational components and L2 applications, ensuring that each component is updated, tested, and secure. This cohesive security plan sets the stage for a robust and secure Kubernetes environment.

Enhancing Kubernetes Operations

Beyond security, Charmed Kubernetes enhances the Kubernetes environment without imposing opinionated systems. The upgrade process is more graceful, allowing for the holistic management of the entire node, including Ubuntu, in sync with Kubernetes. This high-fidelity delivery channel paves the way for applying overlays to customize configurations and behaviors.

Curated Charms and Lifecycle Management

Charmed Kubernetes’s core is the collection of curated charms with lifecycle management. This feature enables the modification of default CNI and storage solutions managed by the Juju controller. Additionally, leveraging the relation system for setting up secrets, users, and access tokens for workloads further enhances its capabilities.


Canonical’s Kubernetes solutions offer simplicity, stability, and flexibility, making them an indispensable asset for enterprises seeking a powerful multi-cloud Kubernetes experience. By understanding the dynamic landscape of cloud computing and addressing the evolving needs of users, Canonical continues to drive innovation in the Kubernetes ecosystem.

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