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Microsoft Azure Certifications in 2024 [Updated]: Tips for Exam Success and Preparation


Azure cloud certifications ranks among the most sought-after IT certification exams in the industry. Here, we provide an overview of all Microsoft azure certification courses and helps guide you in selecting the right certification for your career. We are addressing this topic in response to numerous reader requests seeking detailed information about the Azure cloud certifications learning path. 

In 2020, Microsoft introduced new role-based Azure certifications and retired some existing ones based on feedback from exam takers. However, the AZ-900 certification remains the entry point for any Microsoft Azure certification. Explore this Azure learning path to stay updated on the latest developments in Azure Certifications. 

Microsoft Azure certifications encompass over a dozen credentials tailored to support individuals in the cloud computing industry or those aspiring to pursue a career in this dynamic field. 

Selecting the Appropriate azure certification

Your initial and pivotal step is to choose the right certification and azure certification courses that aligns with your career objectives. Microsoft provides a range of Azure exams and certifications tailored to meet industry demands. These cloud computing services certifications are organized into different levels: Fundamental, Associate, and Expert.

The key Microsoft Azure Certifications, categorized by work domain, include Microsoft Certified Azure Fundamentals (AZ-900), Microsoft Certified Azure Administrator (AZ-103), Microsoft Certified Azure Developer (AZ-203), Microsoft Certified Azure Data Engineer Associate (DP-200, DP-201) Microsoft Certified Azure Security Engineer (AZ-500), Microsoft Certified Azure AI Engineer Associate (AI-100), Microsoft Certified Azure Data Scientist (DP-100), Microsoft Certified Azure Solutions Architect (AZ-300, AZ-301), Microsoft Certified Azure DevOps Engineer (AZ-400), Microsoft Certified Azure for SAP Workloads (AZ-120), and Microsoft Certified Azure IoT Developer (AZ-220) 

It is essential to familiarize yourself with all the azure cloud certifications and then pinpoint the one that best suits your career goals. 

Commence the Learning Journey

Having acquainted yourself with the exam structures, it’s time to initiate the learning process. Start by grasping the fundamentals from a plethora of available resources on the web, both paid and free. Besides self-directed learning, consider enrolling in specialized Microsoft Azure cloud certifications training programs. Microsoft Learn, a free learning platform by Microsoft, offers quality resources to enhance your preparation. 

This Microsoft Learning Platform serves as a comprehensive resource for all exam-related queries. Additionally, opt for Instructor-led azure certification courses and training to gain exposure and efficient learning. Supplement your preparation by consulting standard books recommended for the azure cloud certification exam. 

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Gain Practical Experience

Undoubtedly, hands-on experience is integral to effective learning. Apply your theoretical knowledge on a real system to reinforce your understanding of Microsoft Azure. In addition to reading books, attending lectures, and watching tutorials, leverage Microsoft’s offer to create an Azure free account and access various hands-on labs. Practicing with the latest cloud products and services in a live environment, at no cost, enhances your proficiency. Multiple repetitions with real-world scenarios refine your skills. 

Complete Practice Tests

Irrespective of the exam or Azure Certification type, practice tests are invaluable for assessing your knowledge and performance. Solve official practice papers provided by Microsoft or utilize reputable alternative resources. This approach ensures comprehensive coverage of essential domains for the Microsoft Azure cloud Certification exam. Practice tests also familiarize you with the real exam environment, including time constraints and question types. 

Engage in study groups and discussion forums to connect with fellow learners and professionals. This collaborative environment facilitates clearing doubts and strengthens your preparation. These forums offer diverse study resources and valuable exam-related information. 


The growing breadth of Azure services underscores the necessity for professional certifications on the Microsoft Azure platform. Microsoft’s recent array of Azure Certification exams opens significant opportunities for IT professionals aspiring to advance their careers.

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These industry-leading certifications empower individuals to thrive in the dynamic realm of Microsoft Azure. 




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