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AWS Amplify: Automate Your Deployments

AWS Amplify is a service to deploy your full-stack web and mobile applications. Initially introduced by AWS in November of 2018. AWS Amplify is great for Continuous Deployment (CD/CI) operations with your application. This blog post takes you through a simple demonstration of how to work with AWS Amplify and handle all application deployments. This is an attempt to answer your question such as “How do I deploy AWS amplify?”


Steps to Install AWS Amplify & Deploy Apps
1. Navigate to AWS Amplify
2. Scroll down to AWS Amplify Hosting
3. Select your Git Repository
4. Successfully Integrating with Github
5. Select your Repository
6. Select the Branch
7. Auto Detecting your App Settings
8. Add Environment Variables
9. Review your Deployment
10. Successfully Deploying the App
11. Click the Link to Open your Application
12. Be Ready to Watch the Output
13. About CloudThat


To get started with Amplify, log in to your AWS Management Console and search for Amplify in the search box.

Click on the AWS Amplify Service given in the above image. This will open up the AWS Amplify landing page.

Scroll down to AWS Amplify Hosting

For demonstration, we will deploy react app on AWS Amplify by connecting the Git repository to AWS Amplify. Click on “Get Started” in the Amplify Hosting Section.

Select your Git Repository

You can directly connect your code repository with AWS Amplify.

Authorize AWS Amplify to connect with your Github account.

Select allow for All Repositories. Then click on install & authorize.

Successfully Integrating with Github

Once you have done the above steps and successfully integrated with Github. You will this notification by AWS Management Console.

Select your Repository

After successfully connecting with your Github account. Now you can select the repository you want to host on Amplify. We will go with the first repository named “react-app-01”.

Select the Branch

It is important to specify the branch you want to deploy, as your code may have multiple branches. We will select the “Master” branch for this demo and then click on next.

Auto Detecting your App Settings

One of the main features of Amplify is how once you connect your code repository, it will auto-detect the tech stack of the application.

Add Environment Variables

If there are any Environment Variables that are hosted in your application, you can then add them here. AWS Amplify makes sure that these variables are then securely inserted in your application code wherever required.

For the purpose of this demo, we will not add any environment variables. Let’s click on next to continue.

Review your Deployment

Before clicking the save and deploy button. Let us review if all parameters are configured correctly. Click on “save and deploy” once done.

Successfully Deploying the App

Now we need to wait till the deployment is successful

Please wait till the status of Provision, Build, Deploy and Verify is green.

After the status checks are done for Provision, Build, Deploy and Verify. Your App is ready to go. Click on the link given in the image below to open your application.

Be Ready to Watch the Output

Your application is now successfully deployed on AWS Amplify. You can now share this link with your friends and colleagues to test the application.

Your AWS Amplify Link:

Enable or Disable CI/CD

AWS Amplify or Amazon Amplify by default has enabled continuous deployments(CI/CD).  With CI/CD enabled, every time you make changes to your code, Amplify will trigger a new deployment and deploy the updated repository of your application.

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