Migrate Your Workloads Seamlessly and Efficiently with Our Cloud Migration Consulting Services and Solutions

Are you in need of cloud migration for all of your IT workloads and looking for the right partner to help you get there? There is no need to look any further. Our cloud migration professionals are here to ensure a smooth transition to the cloud. We understand the importance of cloud migration in modernizing IT infrastructure, optimizing resource utilization, and enhancing scalability. We deliver cutting-edge cloud infrastructure that enables you to deploy and expand apps easily, no matter where or when you need to.

CloudThat Edge specializes in providing Cloud Migration Consulting Services

Eliminate expenses on physical infrastructure

With our cloud migration & Consulting services, you can do away with the dependency on physical data centers that consume organizational space and the continuous maintenance costs.

Accelerate Application Deployment

With our cloud migration solutions, we aid accelerate the application deployment through best-in industry DevOps practices which is an integral part of all our consulting services.

Enhanced Security

Our Cloud Consulting Services empower your organization to implement security features by deploying automatic security updates to keep them safe from vulnerabilities.

Effective Backup and Recovery Services

Your organizational needs to handle outages effectively are addressed by embracing our cloud migration consulting services. We ensure any natural calamities or accidents will not disrupt your data with efficient backup and disaster recovery techniques.

Flexible & Scalable

We enable your organization to choose various computing environments like the operating system, programming language, web application platform as per your specific needs. The virtual environment we provide eases the entire migration process.

Simplified IT Management and Enhanced Performance

With our Cloud Migration services you can experience Simplified IT and improved performance with reduced costs by ensuring easier access to compute and storage resources as per the changing demands of the customers.

Our Approach for Cloud Migration Services

Our Cloud migration consulting services empower businesses to seamlessly transition their workloads to the cloud while ensuring enhanced performance, cost savings, and increased scalability. We achieve this through a comprehensive approach, encompassing cloud wellness assessments, the development of a cloud migration roadmap, migration and modernization processes, as well as cost and architectural optimization steps, all geared towards successful cloud migration.

Cloud-Wellness Assessment

We do a comprehensive assessment of your existing cloud environment through security posture review; cybersecurity vulnerability checks and reliability check to assess any pitfalls or limitations.

Comprehensive Cloud Migration Roadmap

If your organization is newly migrating to the cloud, we provide a cloud migration roadmap by analyzing your current state of infrastructure and then prepare a customized blueprint to accomplish it.

Migrate & Modernize

We help you migrate quickly by lift & shift, upgrade or containerize by re-platforming, and modernize your applications by refactoring strategies. Also, with our DevOps practices you can implement CI/CD pipelines for your apps and infrastructure.

Monitor and Optimize Cloud Architecture & Costs

We optimize your cloud architecture and cloud spending by regular cloud wellness assessments, cost optimization assessments and provide you with a roadmap that suits your growth and budget requirements.

Competency Badges

Client Testimonials

“I would highly recommend CloudThat to organizations setting up their own cloud infrastructure, especially the team headed by Lakhan Kriplani is awesome. I would like to quote one incident that shows the prowess of Team-CloudThat and Lakhan Kriplani. Our Solr Collection index in our production got corrupted and this we got to know at about 8:45 PM on a Friday. So, I called him, and he was ready to help instantly. We then worked until 4:30 AM the next morning, to get this resolved.”

- Amit Chandra, TiLA

“CloudThat consistently provides expert guidance when it comes to leveraging AWS technologies to provide novel solutions to challenging problems. Our solution architecture is much more robust and secure given their input and creative utilization of AWS technologies. Highly recommended.”

- Casey Muse, CEO, Cortevo

“With a heavy heart, I have to say that the CloudThat and Rupeek engagement will be ending this September. But looking back at the journey, I would like to thank your team for being an integral part of the journey. Your team came in at a point when we had nothing literally, and it has been a great journey since then. During this journey, your team gained our confidence, and I could reach out to you for help and support anytime. Thank you so much for your trust and sincerity.”

- Manik Dham, Senior Director, Rupeek FinTech. Pvt. Ltd

What Sets Our Cloud Migration Consulting Services Apart

We are an AWS Partner Advanced Tier Services, Microsoft Gold Partner, Google Cloud Partner, and AWS Partner DevOps Services Competency. With these strategic partnerships and the right mix of experience and talent we empower our customers to move up in their business horizon.

Proven expertise of 11+ years in cloud consulting services

We are pioneers in the cloud consulting & media services arena and have delivered businesses with consultation that encompasses cloud wellness assessment, creating migration roadmaps, migration, and optimization.

Strong pool of certified cloud media services experts

You can rely on our dedicated team of 500+ trained and certified cloud experts to migrate and modernize your IT infrastructure. We ensure the ability to innovate faster, improve performance, reduce costs and more

A Formidable Track Record 11+ Years of Enabling a Spectrum of Clients

In our 11+ year journey of providing cloud consulting services, we have empowered a wide spectrum of clients with our cloud consulting & migration solutions. Our clientele comprises educational, retail, automobile, manufacturing, banking, healthcare, digital marketing, software & internet, gaming, and many more sectors

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AWS migration services are a set of tools and resources provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS) to assist businesses in migrating their applications, databases, and infrastructure to the AWS cloud platform. These services help with database migration, server migration, application discovery, tracking migration progress, and transferring large amounts of data to AWS.

The benefits of using cloud migration solutions include increased scalability, improved cost efficiency, enhanced security, simplified management, and access to advanced cloud services and capabilities.

The choice of a preferred tool for performing cloud migration can vary depending on the specific requirements and circumstances of the migration project. but popular options include AWS Server Migration Service (SMS), Azure Migrate, Google Cloud Migrate, CloudEndure Migration, and VMware Cloud on AWS.

The key steps in a successful cloud migration are assessment and planning, selecting a cloud provider, migrating data and applications, configuring and testing, cutover and go-live, optimization, and continuous improvement. Remember, each migration is unique, and the specific steps may vary based on the complexity of your infrastructure and applications.

CloudThat migration consulting helps businesses optimize their cloud migration strategy by providing expert assessment, cloud provider selection guidance, workload analysis, architectural design, cost optimization, security and compliance support, migration execution, and management, as well as training and knowledge transfer.

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