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A Comprehensive Study Guide To Help You Crack The Microsoft Power Platform Fundamentals PL-900 Certification Exam

“Any advanced technology was believably once called magic”

1. Case study:

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected the education sector in various ways. As many organizations were not prepared to move the operations, research and development to remote working options as tracking them were business-critical. One such academic institution was Purdue University. To address this problem, Carrie Berger, Associate Dean for Research at Purdue University, approached Microsoft and asked, “What would be the right solution to solve this issue?”

Microsoft Power Platform and education teams partnered with Purdue University to create a Power Platform solution template for tracking the financial impact related to COVID-19, which could also be used to track the impact of any crises or disruption. How various products of Power Platform help a large organization’s education system in times of pandemic is not a mystery anymore. Read the full article on the case study here.


 1. Case Study
 2. Introduction
 3. What to expect from this article?
 4. Prerequisites
 5. Key Benefits of PL-900 Certification
 6. Exam Pattern
 7. Percentage of Questions for all the Modules
 8. Study Materials and References
 9. Tips and Tricks
 10. Get Certified Now

2. Introduction:

Microsoft products have democratized the creation of business apps, automation of critical processes, and enhancement of customer experiences through self-service portals and chatbots. The Power Platform, comprising Power BI, Power Apps, Power Automate, and Power Virtual Agents, offers features like Data Connectors, AI Builder, and Microsoft Dataverse (formerly known as Common Data Service). As a low-code platform, it provides a GUI environment, powered by Microsoft Azure, for quick and easy app development and efficient data handling, making it ideal for beginners exploring the Power Platform.

3. What to expect from this article?

This is a comprehensive study guide that will help you crack Microsoft’s Power Platform PL-900 certification exam easily. Everything and anything you need to know before attending the fundamental exam for Power Platform is available in this blog. I will walk you through the topics that are covered, exam pattern, dos, and don’ts and all the required material, and links to support your learning and progress your career to newer heights.

4. Prerequisites:

Fresh graduates or candidates with basic knowledge of Business applications like Dynamics 365 should have a foundation level knowledge of Power Platform and Microsoft Azure Services. Understanding cloud computing concepts are essentials for candidates taking up the Microsoft Power Platform Fundamentals PL-900 Certification Exam.

5. Key Benefits of PL-900 Certifications

6. Exam Pattern:

PL-900 Table

7. Percentage of the question for all the modules:

In this module, questions will be on Power Platform concepts, products, and their use cases. Expect scenario-based questions, answers leading to the various Power Platform products.

Common Data Service (CDS) Connectors, AI builders are some topics in this module from which you can expect questions.

Questions from this module are from uses of visualization control including pie, bar, donut, scatter plots and KPIs, filters, use cases of Power BI, creating, publishing, and sharing dashboard using Power BI. Fewer questions can be expected from this module.

This module deals with building mobile/ tab apps using various Power App types such as Model-driven app, Portal driven app, and a canvas app each having unique properties.  Learn about interacting with CDS using Portals.

Explain the difference between different types of flows and where they are used, design flows that are pulling data from many data sources including artificial intelligence, build Power Platform flow by starting from blank or a template. Questions from this module will be scenario-based and test if your knowledge is thorough in Power Automate or not.

From this module, fewer questions can be expected in the exam. Questions will be on the topic of Power Virtual Agent’s uses in an organization, essential components of Power Virtual agents like chatbots, and where you can publish Power Virtual Agents chatbots.

8. Study Materials and References:

There are various ways to prepare for this certification

9. Tips and Tricks:

10: Get Certified now:

It is always great to get the right source of learning to Move Up. At CloudThat we have a course aimed at preparing participants/candidates for Microsoft Power Platform PL-900. You can also register by visiting the Microsoft website.

Now that you have completed learning all the material, here is a Free Sample Questions for PL-900 Microsoft Power Platform Fundamentals. Attempt all the questions and check if your answers are correct with the list provided at the end.

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