Leveraging AWS for Optimized Microsoft Workloads

Expertly migrate diverse Microsoft Workloads, including Windows Server and SQL Server, to AWS while ensuring performance and security. As an AWS Migration Partner, CloudThat handles seamless migration and offers cost optimization and usage efficiency. Leverage AWSs suite of cloud solutions for Windows applications to embrace robust and scalable cloud computing.

About Microsoft Workloads on AWS

AWS enables businesses to effortlessly deploy their Microsoft applications on the secure and efficient AWS cloud platform, improving performance, cost efficiency, and data security. Organizations can leverage this innovative infrastructure to create a modern, agile environment, empowering them to excel, scale, and reduce licensing costs while leaving infrastructure concerns in the background.

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Industries Utilizing AWS Microsoft Workloads

Various industries have benefited from AWS Microsoft workloads implementation. Few listed as below:

Generating Logs and Metrics of Kubernetes Components (EKS Cluster) using EFK Stack

Amazon Macie is a service available in the AWS cloud that can detect sensitive information like Personal Identifiable Information (PII), Credit card numbers, account names, and credentials present within your objects in S3 buckets.

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Maximize success by leveraging Microsoft Workloads on AWS

Accelerate efficiency with AWS Microsoft Workloads through seamless deployment, rapid responses, cost savings, enhanced data protection, and innovation.

Boosted Efficiency

Boost productivity, reduce downtime, optimize performance, and cut maintenance efforts. 

Highly Secure

Enhanced data protection and robust security measures with AWS Microsoft Workloads. 

Seamless Integration

Achieve seamless integration with Microsoft applications and AWS cloud for optimal performance.

Elevated Performance

Lightning-fast app performance, optimizing productivity and user satisfaction. 

Agile Scalability

Effortlessly scale and adapt with AWS Microsoft Workloads.

Modernized Innovation

Using advanced technologies and innovations with the fusion of AWS and Microsoft. 

Stress-Free Management

Handles the complexities, allowing you to focus on your core business. 

Enhanced User Experience

Seamless, optimized user experience with AWS Microsoft Workloads. 

Why Choose CloudThat as a Partner

CloudThat empowers businesses with a robust and scalable solutions customized for AWS Microsoft workloads, enabling effortless deployment of Microsoft applications on a secure and efficient AWS platform. Our team of AWS experts & budget-friendly services are streamlined for optimal performance, featuring top-of-the-line security, reliability, and rapid operations

  • AWS Advanced Tier Consulting Partner
  • AWS Migration Competency Partner
  • AWS Data Analytics Competency Partner
  • AWS DevOps Competency Partner
  • AWS Lambda Service Delivery Partner
  • Amazon QuickSight Service Delivery Partner
  • AWS Public Sector Partner
  • Amazon EKS Service Delivery Partner
  • Amazon DynamoDB Service Delivery Partner
  • Amazon API Gateway Service Delivery Partner
  • Amazon ECS Service Delivery Partner
  • Amazon Public Sector Solution Provider
  • Amazon EC2 Service Delivery Partner
  • AWS Glue Service Delivery Partner
  • Amazon Redshift Service Delivery Partner
  • AWS Control Tower Service Delivery Partner
  • AWS WAF Service Delivery Partner

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