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A Comprehensive Guide to AZ-900 Exam

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Navigating the ever-evolving tech landscape can feel daunting, but one surefire way to elevate your career is mastering the world of cloud computing. In this realm, the Microsoft Azure Fundamentals AZ-900 certification shines as a beacon, signifying your foundational knowledge and paving the way for exciting opportunities. 


Demand for Cloud Skills Statistics

The cloud is booming, and skilled professionals are in high demand. Here’s a glimpse into the future: 

  • Gartner predicts that by 2025, 80% of enterprises will have adopted a cloud-first strategy. 
  • LinkedIn lists “Cloud Computing” as the #1 in-demand hard skill of 2023. 
  • Forbes reports that cloud computing jobs are growing 3x faster than the average market. 

Investing in cloud skills isn’t just about getting certified; it’s about securing your future in a thriving field. 


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Why Microsoft AZ 900 certification?

Think of the AZ-900 as your passport to the Azure universe. Earning this credential validates your understanding of cloud concepts, Azure architecture, and core services. It speaks volumes to potential employers, showcasing your ability to: 

  • Understand cloud benefits and how Azure fits in. 
  • Describe key Azure services like compute, storage, and networking. 
  • Explain security, privacy, and compliance considerations in Azure. 
  • Demystify Azure pricing and resource management. 

But the benefits extend beyond resume enhancement. The AZ-900: 

  • Boosts your earning potential: Studies show cloud-certified professionals command higher salaries. 
  • Opens doors to new career paths: Gain a crucial stepping stone towards roles like Azure Solutions Architect or Cloud Engineer. 
  • Enhances your technical expertise: Deepen your understanding of cloud technology, a valuable asset in any IT field. 


AZ-900 Certification Curriculum Outline and Topic Weightage

The AZ-900 exam assesses your foundational knowledge of cloud concepts, Azure architecture, and core services. Here’s a breakdown of the curriculum outline and estimated weightage for each section: 

  1. Describe Cloud Concepts (25-30%)
  • Cloud Services Models (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS) 
  • Cloud Deployment Models (Public, Private, Hybrid) 
  • Cloud Benefits and Challenges 
  • Cloud Security and Privacy 
  • Cloud Compliance Considerations 
  • Environmental Sustainability in the Cloud 
  1. Describe Azure Architecture and Services (35-40%)
  • Azure Regions, Resource Groups, and Subscriptions 
  • Azure Management tools (Azure Portal, Azure CLI, PowerShell) 
  • Core Azure Services
  • Compute (Virtual Machines, App Services, Containers) 
  • Storage (Blob Storage, File Storage, Managed Disks) 
  • Networking (Virtual Networks, Load Balancers, VPN Gateways) 
  • Databases (Azure SQL Database, Azure Cosmos DB) 
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning 
  • Analytics and Big Data 
  • Internet of Things (IoT) 
  • DevOps and Security 
  1. Describe Azure Management and Governance (30-35%)
  • Identity and Access Management (Azure Active Directory) 
  • Cost Management and Billing 
  • Service Level Agreements (SLAs) 
  • Resource Management and Optimization 
  • Monitoring and Reporting 
  • Security, Privacy, and Compliance 
  • Azure Policies and Governance 


RoadMap after Completing AZ-900 Certification

The AZ-900 is just the beginning! Once you conquer this foundational exam, several exciting paths await: 

  • Specialize in Azure roles: Dive deeper into specific Azure services like data analytics, AI, or security with role-based certifications like AZ-104 or AZ-531. 
  • Master other cloud platforms: Expand your horizons by exploring certifications for AWS or Google Cloud. 
  • Become a cloud consultant: Leverage your Azure expertise to guide businesses in their cloud adoption journey. 


How to Prepare for this Exam Tips & Tricks

Conquering the AZ-900 requires the right strategy. Here are some tips and tricks: 

  • Utilize official Microsoft resources: Microsoft offers comprehensive learning paths, practice exams, and study guides on their website. 
  • Explore third-party resources: Numerous books, online courses, and video tutorials delve deeper into specific concepts. 
  • Join online communities: Connect with other AZ-900 aspirants for study groups, Q&A sessions, and support. 
  • Test your knowledge with practice exams: Simulate the actual exam environment and identify areas for improvement. 
  • Focus on understanding, not memorization: Grasp the concepts behind the technology for long-term retention. 


How CloudThat will help you get certified?

CloudThat is your one-stop shop for AZ-900 success! We offer: 

  • Expert-led training: Learn from experienced Azure professionals who know the ins and outs of the exam. 
  • Interactive learning modules: Engage with bite-sized content, quizzes, and hands-on labs to solidify your understanding. 
  • Comprehensive study material: Access curated resources, including study guides, cheat sheets, and flashcards. 
  • Mock exams and personalized feedback: Gauge your progress and identify areas for improvement with realistic practice tests. 
  • Dedicated support: Get your questions answered and concerns addressed by our friendly support team. 

Don’t let the cloud of doubt hover over your career. Start your journey today with CloudThat and confidently conquer the AZ-900 exam! 


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