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As the New Year closes in, let us have a look at the year that has gone by and the major shifts in the world of technology that have taken place.

The Cloud Computing Phenomenon  

2020 saw a surge into the digital world when Covid hit and shut everything down. The optimum utilization of Cloud Computing and its resourcefulness became known when people slowly shifted their focus to online business strategies that could help them get back on track.
Cloud Computing was one of the least read about sectors once upon a time.
However, when its effectiveness and value became known, business models took a turn from offline models to online or hybrid models that helped them during challenging pandemic times. In 2021, Cloud Computing has been evolving fast, and with people taking more interest in it, we can see certain trends popping up. In the coming years, it will be one of the leading domains in the world.

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1. A Transition to Multi-Cloud Strategies

Big tech providers around the globe are opting for a walled-garden approach that will offer ‘one-stop-shop services’ while providing organizations with a solution to their computing needs.

Moving forward into 2022, we expect to see the preferences change to hybrid or multi-cloud setups.

The Flexera 2020 State of the Cloud Report also shows that 93% of organizations have a multi-cloud design, while 87% have a hybrid cloud strategy. These aggregates are likely to increase.

2. Distributed Cloud

After research, it has become known that public cloud companies are repositioning to location-independent distributed cloud services.

Public cloud providers maintain, operate, and develop the services, but physically providing them is needed. This process reduces latency and lag issues. A distributed cloud has various types. Some of the widely used ones are on the premises, Internet of Things (IoT) edge cloud, and global network edge cloud.


Containers have increased demand in the market because they provide a powerful tool for addressing numerous significant concerns of application developers, including the need for faster delivery, coordination, portability, modernization, and life cycle supervision.

By 2022, Gartner has estimated that more than 75% of global organizations will be managing containerized applications in production, as compared to less than 30% from today.

4.Edge computing

Edge computing is taking up its space slowly. This technique enhances the distributed computing network framework as it performs information arrangement at the organization’s limits. Also, it deals with less time-delicate data if it is possible to store. It helps in saving time and reduces lag in commands and cycle time.

5. Sustainable Energy

“In 2022, as estimated, most tech giants will implement innovations and measures aimed at achieving net-zero carbon emissions. Amazon, the biggest cloud company globally, is also the biggest renewable energy buyer and has over 200 sustainable energy projects globally, generating about 8.5GW per year.

6. The Growth of a Dynasty

In 2022, we are advancing at a rapid rate, especially with the continued domination of the telecom and IT industries. It will create a vast sea of opportunities for associations to use computing power and new advances.

7. The Rise of Cloud Gaming

An increasing number of companies are offering gaming-as-a-service. Google, Amazon, and Microsoft launched gaming on-demand services in 2020, while Sony has had a solution for a few years now. This trend is expected to grow dramatically in the year 2022 and beyond as cloud technology advances to new heights and storage becomes even less of an issue. The advantages of cloud gaming are remarkably like those of on-demand movie streaming services like Netflix. Cloud gaming also eliminates the piracy problem and helps developers generate more revenue by allowing gamers to play more than one game at a time.

8. Cloud Security

Information robbery, spillage, and deletion- security is a major challenge even for conventional IT companies that are at par with this technology. Cloud security is not just a trend in cloud computing this year; it is the need of the hour for every industry and will continue to grow. Keeping data safe is the first and foremost priority of any company. By 2022, 95% of cloud security failures will be because of the client’s shortcoming and not any compromise on the provider’s end.

9.Serverless Design

A serverless design eliminates all hindrances that a standard IT foundation can typically face and give them a smooth workflow path so that they can function smoothly. Consumers do not need to buy or lease the servers on which they run their information. A third-party organization will work for companies and handle all these issues for them.

A serverless design will make the work less tiring for employees and easy to handle on a day-to-day basis. It will reduce the company’s management interference and system administration and act as an asset for them rather than being a liability.

10.Straight into a sci-fi movie

While we are talking about trends in cloud computing in 2022, some futuristic trends are in the testing phase such as Microsoft’s undersea server tubes. If this works, it could change the way servers work and make them last longer with increased efficiency and productivity. They will be able to process a higher amount of data without the issues of overheating.

Career Opportunities in Cloud Sphere

A spectrum of career opportunities exists in the multi-cloud sphere. In this sphere, Cloud engineers are expected to work at 3 levels.

  • As Engineers who build the cloud
  • As Developers who build applications on the cloud
  • As Administrators ensuring that the cloud resources are reliable, fast, and secure

Similarly, Opportunities galore for distributed cloud engineers, engineers working on containerization, cloud security engineers, serverless computing engineers. The learning path is to earn certifications from prominent cloud providers like Azure, AWS, and GCP. Here is a glimpse of certifications you can take up: Azure Certification Path  and AWS Certification Path


You might want to get a head start on these upcoming Cloud Computing trends so you can be Cloud Certified and ready when the new year begins! We wish you the best of luck on your journey. Stay tuned for more engaging content and subscribe to our blog for more!
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