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Introducing Amazon EC2 U7i Instances for High Memory Computing

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Amazon Web Services (AWS) continues to push the boundaries of cloud computing with the introduction of the revolutionary Amazon EC2 U7i instances. These instances epitomize the growth of High Memory computing solutions, addressing the growing demands of modern data environments. With an exceptional capacity of 32TiB of DDR5 memory, the Amazon EC2 U7i instances redefine scalability in transaction processing, setting a new industry standard.


Custom fourth-generation Intel Xeon Scalable Processors power Amazon EC2 U7i instances codenamed Sapphire Rapids. In response to the escalating demands of modern data processing, AWS unveils the U7i instances as part of its 7th-generation offerings. These advanced instances redefine possibilities with their unparalleled memory capacity and computational expertise.

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Amazon EC2 U7i instances

Amazon EC2 U7i instances are Available in three sizes. They support a staggering 896 vCPUs, marking the highest vCPU count in the AWS ecosystem. Notably, the Amazon EC2 U7i instances elevate data accessibility and backup efficiency with Elastic Block Storage (EBS) bandwidth reaching up to 100Gbps, more than doubling the capabilities of previous U-1 instances.

The Amazon EC2 U7i instances are tailored to accommodate expansive, in-memory databases such as SAP HANA, Oracle, and SQL Server. Fueled by custom fourth-generation Intel Xeon Scalable Processors (Sapphire Rapids).

Features and Capabilities

  • Enhanced Performance: The Amazon EC2 U7i instances outshine their predecessors by delivering up to 125% more compute performance and up to 120% more memory performance. This remarkable boost in performance enables businesses to handle increasingly complex workloads with ease and efficiency.
  • Increased EBS Bandwidth: With 2.5 times more Elastic Block Storage (EBS) bandwidth, users can now load data into in-memory databases at an astonishing rate of up to 44 terabytes per hour. This substantial increase in bandwidth significantly improves data accessibility and backup efficiency.
  • Expanded Storage Options: Each Amazon EC2 U7i instance supports the attachment of up to 128 General Purpose (gp2 and gp3) or Provisioned IOPS (io1 and io2 Block Express) EBS volumes. Notably, io2 Block Express volumes can reach sizes of up to 64 TiB and deliver exceptional performance of up to 256K IOPS at speeds of up to 32 Gbps. This versatility in storage options allows them to tailor their storage configurations to suit their specific requirements.
  • Enhanced Network Capabilities: Leveraging ENA Express technology, Amazon EC2 U7i instances boast network bandwidth of up to 25 Gbps per network flow. This enhanced network capability ensures seamless data transfer and communication, enabling businesses to achieve optimal performance and efficiency.
  • Versatile Operating Systems: Supported operating systems for Amazon EC2 U7i instances, including Red Hat Enterprise Linux and SUSE Enterprise Linux Server. This broad range of supported operating systems provides technology with flexibility and compatibility for various enterprise applications, allowing them to deploy their preferred operating environment seamlessly.

Specifications for the Amazon EC2 U7i Instances


Benefits of Amazon EC2 U7i Instances

The Amazon EC2 U7i instances offer multiple benefits, including:

  • Unparalleled performance and scalability for handling demanding workloads.
  • Enhanced data accessibility and backup efficiency with increased EBS bandwidth.
  • Versatile storage options tailored to specific business requirements.
  • Seamless data transfer and communication with enhanced network capabilities.
  • Compatibility with a wide range of operating systems, providing flexibility and adaptability.


The Amazon EC2 U7i instances are currently available for preview in multiple AWS regions, including the US West (Oregon), Asia Pacific (Seoul), and Europe (Frankfurt). This widespread availability allows worldwide to experience the transformative power of Amazon EC2 U7i instances.


Amazon EC2 U7i instances represent a quantum leap forward in cloud computing technology. With their unparalleled performance, scalability, and versatility, these instances empower technology to tackle the most demanding workloads with ease and efficiency. As AWS continues to innovate and push the boundaries of cloud computing, the Amazon EC2 U7i instances stand as a testament to their commitment to providing advanced solutions and technology worldwide.

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1. What distinguishes Amazon EC2 U7i instances from previous generations?

ANS: – Amazon EC2 U7i instances offer significantly enhanced compute and memory performance, increased EBS bandwidth, and improved network capabilities compared to previous generations.

2. What storage options are available with Amazon EC2 U7i instances?

ANS: – Each U7i instance supports attachment of up to 128 General Purpose or Provisioned IOPS EBS volumes, providing flexibility in storage configurations to suit specific business requirements.

3. How do Amazon EC2 U7i instances support in-memory databases like SAP HANA, Oracle, and SQL Server?

ANS: – Amazon EC2 U7i instances are meticulously designed to cater to the specific requirements of in-memory databases such as SAP HANA, Oracle, and SQL Server. These instances provide a robust infrastructure with exceptional memory capacity and computational expertise, which are essential for handling the intensive workloads associated with in-memory databases. By offering unparalleled performance and scalability.

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