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Know it All: Interesting Copilot in Marketing through Dynamics 365


Microsoft leads the charge in the realm of customer experience, where AI is transforming how businesses engage with their audiences. Through Azure OpenAI Service, marketers can harness advanced AI tools to gain deeper insights into their customers, develop precise customer segments, and craft personalized content. These state-of-the-art capabilities significantly enhance productivity, expediting tasks that might have previously consumed hours or even weeks and empowering every team member to unearth fresh data insights and craft top-notch email content. It saves valuable time for marketing teams by streamlining processes.

Here are some of the remarkable capabilities that Copilot brings to Dynamics 365 Marketing and Customer Insights:

Discover More About Your Customers, Faster

Customers today expect hyper-personalization from the brands they interact with. However, this knowledge is often locked away in data platforms managed by data and analytics teams. The new and exciting Copilot feature in Dynamics 365 Customer Insights enables data analysts and marketers to interact directly with customer data using everyday language. Instead of writing complex SQL queries, data analysts can now type their queries in everyday language. This feature democratizes access to insights, allowing marketers to ask questions and receive instant answers without needing SQL programming knowledge. Marketers can swiftly delve into, grasp, and anticipate customer preferences and requirements in almost real-time using straightforward prompts.

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AI-Generated Segments

Market segmentation plays a vital role in marketing. It involves dividing a large, homogenous market of potential customers into clearly identifiable segments based on specific criteria or shared characteristics. These segments allow companies to tailor their marketing efforts more effectively. Crafting the perfect audience segment is not just crucial; it’s a time-intensive process that demands a deep understanding of your data schema. However, with Copilots, this task becomes as effortless as making a wish. Imagine Copilot as the genie for marketing professionals, seamlessly transforming your commands into finely tuned segments with just a few natural language instructions. Gone are the days of wrestling with complex data structures; Copilots streamlines the process, empowering marketers to create precise audience segments effortlessly.

Certainly! In Dynamics 365 Customer Insights, you can create segments using Copilot, which provides personalized, suggested prompts based on data in your environment to help you get started. Here’s how you can create a segment using Copilot: For example, you can create a simple segment like “All customers that live in Seattle, Washington” or more complex segments based on existing measures, such as “All customers with a lifetime value of at least 500 who also purchased an item within the past 30 days.”

Picture 1: With the help of Query Assist, you can describe the required segment in natural language.

Picture 2: You can further describe and design your segment as shown in the picture.

As it is presently in preview, this feature may offer limited functionality. Nonetheless, it provides the capability to delve into, comprehend, and anticipate customer preferences and requirements in almost real time without necessitating intricate familiarity with the data schema.

Revolutionizing Marketing with Content Ideas and Content Support

The journey with Copilot in Dynamics 365 Marketing began when previews of content ideas were launched in May 2022, followed by query assistance in October 2022. Copilot enables marketers to strategically reach out to target audiences while staying abreast of market trends and meeting customer demands proactively.

With Copilot, crafting marketing content such as emails, forms, event invitations, and social media posts becomes effortless. Simply provide keywords in natural language, and you can customize the tone of your message, whether you prefer it to be engaging, formal, adventurous, or luxurious, depending on your content needs. Within moments, Copilot completes your most time-consuming task of content creation by presenting you with 5-6 options to select from, customized to your requirements. Additionally, you can instruct Copilot to align your marketing content with your web page’s theme and standards, confirming it seamlessly aligns with your brand guidelines.

Picture 3: by just providing keywords for content, content ideas can be generated by copilot.

Picture 4: The tone of the message can be selected.

Customer journey with Copilot

The customer journey encompasses the sequence of engagements a customer undergoes with a brand, product, or business, from initial recognition of a need or problem to the eventual purchase decision. Unlike the broader concept of the buyer’s journey, which encompasses the general process leading to a purchase, the customer journey focuses on a buyer’s specific purchasing experience with a particular company or service. By building a customer journey map, businesses can gain insights into how customers interact with their brand, how they feel about it, and how likely they are to continue using it.

Thus, a well-executed customer journey map provides valuable insights that lead to better decision-making, improved customer experiences, and business growth.

The introduction of Copilot in Dynamics 365 Marketing has significantly streamlined the process of creating customer journeys. Through simple natural language commands, users can efficiently generate customer journey maps. This feature expedites the creation process by incorporating essential segments and touchpoints, such as emails or events, and specifying the desired launch date. Subsequently, users can rely on the capabilities of the Dynamics 365 app to handle the remaining tasks. Moreover, Copilot provides real-time insights into customer interactions with your communications, empowering users to gauge the effectiveness of their engagement strategies.

Picture 5: Customer journey can be created with natural language input.

Picture 6: Once you give a command, it will start generating the journey.

Picture 7: Segment is selected.

Selecting the right individuals to join this journey is crucial. A customer segment labeled “New York” has been chosen in the image.

Picture 8: Map of Customer Journey

Here you go. Your customer journey map is created; you can connect your promotional email, which you have made for this journey. You must also set up a timeline to automate the customer journey.


With Microsoft leading the charge in AI innovation through Azure OpenAI Service, businesses are primed to redefine how they connect with customers. By tapping into these powerful tools, marketers can effortlessly uncover insights, streamline their work, and craft personalized experiences like never before. The future of customer engagement is here, and with Microsoft at the helm, the sky’s the limit for creating unforgettable connections. Prepare to revolutionize your marketing game and leave your competition in the dust!

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