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Mastering the Path to SAP on AWS Specialty Certification


This blog will present important information related to the PAS-C01 certification exam. Eligibility criteria for the exam, key benefits, exam pattern highlights, study material, and references, percentage of questions from each module are posted in the subsequent sections to support your learning growth.


Many of my customers running SAP on AWS struggle with challenges such as technology stacks, costs, planning, and assessment. The AWS Certified: SAP on AWS – Specialty certification validates the grasp of both SAP and AWS, which are essential for architecting, migrating, and managing SAP workloads.

The certification enables us to provide robust, cost-effective solutions to our customers. This certification is recommended for professionals looking to gain a holistic understanding of their customers’ landscape and validation of their SAP on AWS expertise.

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The candidate should possess the knowledge, skills, experience, and competence to design, implement, migrate, and operate SAP workloads on AWS. Likely to have 5 or more years of SAP experience and 1 or more years of experience working with SAP on AWS.

Recommended AWS Knowledge areas-

  • High Availability/Disaster Recovery
  • Core AWS Infrastructure services
  • AWS migration tools
  • AWS Global Infrastructure
  • Security Best Practices
  • Multi-account scenarios and multi-Region scenarios
  • Operations and management services and tools
  • AWS transfer services

Recommended SAP Knowledge:

  • SAP Basis and SAP NetWeaver administration
  • SAP supported databases (including SAP HANA)
  • SAP supported operating systems (Linux and Windows)
  • SAP migration and installation tools
  • Sizing and Identity Management

Exam Pattern

There are two types of questions on the exam:

  • Multiple choice: Has one correct response and three incorrect responses (distractors)
  • Multiple responses: Has two or more correct responses out of five or more response option

The passing Score is 750 out of 1000.


Percentage of Questions from all modules

  • Domain 1: Design of SAP workloads on AWS

In this module, you can expect questions based on designing secure, cost-optimized, and highly resilient architecture patterns of SAP workloads on AWS and connectivity options. Important topics include AWS global infrastructure, VPC patterns for SAP workloads, connectivity strategies (AWS direct connect, Site to Site VPN, AppStream, etc.)

  • Domain 2: Implementation of SAP workloads on AWS

In this module, you can expect questions based on deploying databases and SAP applications for SAP workloads on AWS. Also, how to create a highly available and resilient architecture for SAP workloads. Knowledge of skills like SAP certified highly available solutions for AWS, AWS networking concepts, AWS Launch wizard for SAP, etc.

  • Domain 3: Migration of SAP workloads to AWS

In this module, you can expect questions based on different migration approaches. Important topics include services like backup & restore, database replication, AWS Database Migration Service, AWS application migration service, SUM-DMO, HANA system replication, Launch Wizard, Cloud formation, and systems manager.

  • Domain 4: Operation & maintenance of SAP workloads on AWS

In this module, you can expect questions based on monitoring, maintenance, data protection, and optimization of the SAP environment on AWS. Important services related to this domain include AWS CloudWatch, AWS CloudTrail, AWS SNS service, Amazon GuardDuty, S3 Lifecycle policies, Systems Manager, Cost Explorer, and AWS Budgets.


Understanding all relevant AWS and SAP services is critical for cracking the SAP on AWS specialty. The questions will test your knowledge of AWS services best suitable for hosting SAP workloads. For further understanding and guidance related to certification topics, you can contact CloudThat!

Happy Learning!

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1. Where can you register for the examination?

ANS: – We can register for the SAP on AWS – Specialty (PAS-C01) exam on the AWS training and certification portal. The candidate can appear for the exam at the test center or virtually. The portal used for the virtual exam is Pearson Vue  Please find the link here AWS Certification | AWS Training & Certification 

2. What is the benefit of completing the certification exam?

ANS: – This certification validates expertise in designing, implementing, migrating, and operating SAP workloads on AWS. Organizations can now identify and develop the right talent with critical knowledge and skills in optimizing SAP workloads on AWS.



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