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Elevate the workforce by Modern Data Analytics and Database Skills is now made easy!

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Surveys from IDC, NewVantage Partners, and a report by Global Knowledge have revealed the facts regarding an accelerating rate at which data is growing, a slow rate of adoption of modern data-driven culture, and a big cause of such a slow response while responding to the acceleration which is not the data but lack of right amount of talent with data analytics and database skills.

Migrating to AWS Cloud for the need of data analytics to handle such an explosion of data while delivering performance, optimizing cost, ease of use, breaking the silos, leveraging security and governance, maintaining audits, adopting managed and serverless services and leveraging rich integrations brings the motivation to upskill the existing workforce and to attract the desired newcomers.

But how to quickly upskill employees on AWS for Analytics and Database needs?

AWS offers well-defined courses that give an actionable way for working professionals to build required data analytics and database skills, helping organizations quickly achieve momentum in consulting business.

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Let us break it into stages – Just Map as per your requirement!

Why and how to break the legacy and move the databases to AWS Cloud-Native Databases.

Overview of AWS Purpose-Built Databases.

How to migrate databases to AWS Cloud using AWS Database Migration Service and AWS Schema Conversion Tool


 Journey from Self-Managed Database Solutions to Fully Managed AWS Purpose-Built Databases

 Deep dive into reasons behind having so many AWS Purpose-Built Databases while covering Relational and NoSQL Databases in-depth with proper use cases and hands-on

Strategies for migrations


 As the name suggests, it is about best practices, which always come in handy.

 How Amazon Redshift participates in Data Analytics Solutions on AWS with a handsome overview of the service itself, and of course, the lab’s part is just AWSome!

 How Amazon EMR can be used to handle batch processing with its capabilities.


 Modern Applications Demand Purpose-Built Databases.

 How modern applications interact with Amazon DynamoDB.

 A hands-on approach to how DynamoDB can participate in serverless architectures


 How to leverage AWS Data Analytics services to build data lakes on AWS

A quick introduction to cater to the need for the visualization phase of the data analytics pipeline using Amazon QuickSight

 Handling ML (Machine Learning) using Amazon SageMaker


A good mix of well-curated, purpose-built on-demand courses and instructor-led courses offered by AWS can drastically change the game for working professionals, all capable of embedding the skills needed for today’s data-driven culture.

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