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Experience the New Copilot Microsoft Power Automate


Today’s Business world is information-driven, and technology helps businesses convert the most complicated tasks into simpler ones. The primary question to establishing a successful business is how quickly you can avoid repetitive tasks and be involved in productive work culture.

When the topic revolves around avoiding repetitive tasks, Microsoft Power Automate is one of the renowned names in the market.

What is Power Automate?

Power Automate is a solution associated with automating the tasks that take away your productive hours by working with two crucial aspects: Trigger and Action. It lets you create Cloud flows; Business process flows, and Desktop flows. Power Automate boosts efficiency by automating quickly and securely and helps you enhance your workflows with AI. So, in simple words, Power Automate can easily automate anywhere and anytime. To bring more intelligence to Power Automate, Microsoft introduced ” Copilot ” into it.

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Why Copilot?

A powerful and wide variety of advanced workflows can be created quickly and automatically using the simple language prompt. The magic is you can mention what you want to perform or automate in a standard sentence, and AI-based Copilot can do it for you in no time. One can scale the business with the approval templates, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) migration, and whatnot. All such tasks are more manageable with Copilot.

Create a Power Automate Flow with Copilot.

The Power Automate helps you create multiple flows to avoid repetitive tasks and enhance the efficiencies of any organization. If we are creating the Flow with Copilot, then the procedure follows.

  • By signing into Power Automate, one should describe the scenario required for the automation.
  • Copilot will display an existing list of AI-generated flow description suggestions when you start typing. Ex. 1. Post a message to teams when I receive an email. 2. Notify me in teams when I am mentioned in the mail.
  • Either select a scenario suggested or type your idea.
  • Review the apps and services associated with the flow’s requirement.
  • After configuring, click on create flow, which will have the AI-powered Copilot in the Power Automate open your flow.
  • Edit, modify, save, and test your flow. The process is easy and hassle-free.

Using Copilot with Power Automate is simple, but using clear, good prompts is always better. This action can be performed by being very specific about your requirement. It can also mean how or what you want your result to be. Ex. When A happens. Perform B. The more specific the requirement is, the better the results.

However, this feature is yet in preview mode and will immensely help when its functionality begins.

Thus, Life is getting easier, World is getting faster, and the process of Automate is getting simpler and more innovative with Copilot.

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1. What is Copilot in Power Automate?

ANS: – Through quick and simple natural language expressions, Copilot in Power Automate is the one that enables you to design automation that helps streamline your workflow.

2. Is Microsoft Copilot available?

ANS: – The Microsoft Copilot is currently in preview mode.

3. What is a good prompt according to the Copilot standards?

ANS: – The prompt has to be very much specific about what the requirement is. It can also mean how or what you want your result to be. Ex. When A happens. Perform B. The more specific the requirement is, the better the results.

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