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Integrating Live Chat with Amazon IVS for Interactive Video Streams

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Real-time audience engagement through interactive video streaming has become a potent weapon in today’s digital world. A stable, scalable, and easily integrated platform for creating live video streaming solutions is provided by Amazon Interactive Video Service (IVS). The incorporation of live chat capabilities is a crucial element in augmenting consumer engagement during live video streaming. You may encourage audience engagement, promote community connection, and create a more immersive viewing experience by adding live chat options to your Amazon IVS broadcasts.

This article describes how to make a simple live streaming application that allows real-time conversation and video playing. It offers a thorough tutorial that covers setting up and starting the React client application and deploying a serverless backend for authentication and chat event processing.


The demand for dynamic and captivating content experiences is rising exponentially in today’s digital environment. Adding real-time chat capabilities to live video streams is a great way to improve them by letting people engage, communicate, and exchange ideas while they watch.

This integration is made easy and effective with the help of Amazon Interactive Video Service (IVS). Without worrying about the underlying infrastructure, Amazon Interactive Video Service (Amazon IVS) offers a managed platform to create captivating live broadcasts and interactive video experiences. The plethora of applications for Amazon IVS is readily apparent, ranging from live events to gaming. When we gave it a go, we concentrated on integrating live streaming into an exciting and dynamic online purchasing experience.

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  • Sending events and requesting a chat token to start the process. The client application can be used to do this.
  • The Amazon API Gateway, a service that serves as a single entry point for all APIs, receives the request for a chat token and events.
  • After that, the Amazon API Gateway sends the request to AWS Lambda, a serverless computing service that enables you to run code without the need to deploy or manage servers.
  • The AWS Lambda function most likely gets the chat token and handles the events in this instance.
  • Subsequently, the procedure proceeds to Amazon IVS Chat, a hosted live chat platform that facilitates audience interaction during a live broadcast.
  • After that, Amazon IVS Chat connects with the live broadcast to provide viewers with chat messages and other updates.
  • Lastly, the client application establishes a connection with Amazon IVS Channels, a service that enables you to broadcast live video streams to viewers.

Setting up the serverless backend

I have configured and run the React Client App, a live-streaming app with video and chat.


Set up the CLI tool for AWS:  To ensure you are in the right AWS account, do the following command.

Create an Amazon S3 bucket:

Put the name of your Amazon S3 Bucket in place of <S3_BUCKET>. Put the AWS region in place of <AWS_REGION>.

Utilizing the AWS SAM CLI, pack the template:

Deploy the packaged template:

Get the ApiURL output:

Executing the client application locally


Create an Amazon IVS chat room.



Configure the client app.

Navigate back to the web-ui directory in the local repository. The web-ui folder will be in the parent directory if you go from the serverless folder in the preceding steps:

To set the value of CHAT_ROOM_ID, open the src/config.js file and enter the ARN from this section’s first step. Next, after the serverless backend section’s last step, set the value of the API_URL to the stack output.




Run the client app

Run the following commands from the web-ui folder to run the demo.


Consideration should be given to automatic moderating. In your chat room, start by adding a message review handler. An AWS Lambda function called a message review handler enables you to implement custom business logic to examine a message’s content before sending it to chat room users, and logs are stored in an Amazon S3 bucket shown in AWSLogs/ folder.


You also have the option to disconnect or remove the person who delivered the message if you log in to the demo with moderator privileges. In this instance, when a user disconnects, all their messages in the display are likewise removed.



In conclusion, utilizing Amazon Interactive Video Service (IVS) to include live chat features in video streams has several advantages for raising user interaction and engagement. You may build a feeling of community, get fast feedback, and answer viewers’ queries or offer assistance by allowing real-time communication during streaming. In addition to improving the watching experience, this also opens up possibilities for audience engagement and interaction, which are crucial for increasing user loyalty and retention.

Drop a query if you have any questions regarding Amazon IVS and we will get back to you quickly.

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1. What sorts of applications may use Amazon IVS live chat?

ANS: – Integrating live chat with Amazon IVS might be advantageous for any live video broadcasting application. This includes live events, video game platforms, learning environments, social media tools, and more.

2. Is Amazon IVS appropriate for big-ticket live events?

ANS: – Absolutely, Amazon IVS is built to grow on demand, allowing it to accommodate massive live events. Its infrastructure dynamically adapts to traffic variations so that viewers anywhere may enjoy a seamless streaming experience.

3. Can I use Amazon IVS to gain statistics and insights on chat activity and engagement during live streams?

ANS: – Yes, insights and data on chat activity and engagement during live streaming are available through Amazon IVS. Metrics like chat message volume, user involvement, sentiment analysis, and more may be monitored to provide insights into the behavior and engagement levels of your audience. Viewers’ live-streaming experience may be enhanced, and these metrics can inform content initiatives.

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