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How to Get Azure Certified in 2024: A Comprehensive Guide


Are you in the process of expanding your technical proficiency in Microsoft Azure and planning the next steps in your journey? Opting for a Microsoft Azure cloud computing certification is a commendable strategy to augment your existing skills and propel your career forward. This article offers current and updated details on Microsoft Azure certification pathways. Beginning with an overview of Microsoft’s role-based certifications, it subsequently outlines the presently available Azure certifications.

An array of learning paths awaits, aligning with your current job role and future career aspirations, encompassing roles like Azure Data Engineer, Azure DevOps Engineer, Azure Solutions Architect, and more. Once you’ve determined the Azure Certification aligned with your goals, you can conveniently locate an upcoming Microsoft Azure training exam for remote participation from home or at a designated test center.

To make informed choices before commencing your study endeavors, becoming familiar with the diverse Azure certifications is recommended. It allows you to identify the azure cloud certification path best suited to your professional objectives.

Why Choose Azure?

While AWS maintained the largest market share of cloud infrastructure services at 33% in the first quarter of 2022, Microsoft Azure secured a notable 22%, surpassing Google’s 10%, with the remaining companies collectively contributing 35%.

By the fourth quarter of 2022, Microsoft Azure further increased its market share to 23%, marking a 2% rise from its four-quarter average of 21%.

Notably, Azure thrives and remains robust, particularly prominent in government applications. Its seamless integration with existing Microsoft products, such as Windows, Active Directory, .NET, Visual Studio, and more, makes it a natural choice for companies already utilizing Microsoft solutions.

Azure stands out as a leader in online cloud security, Platform as a Service (PaaS), and hybrid cloud architecture, solidifying its position as a reliable and comprehensive option in the cloud computing landscape.

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What are the Advantages of Azure Certification?

Azure certification courses offer many benefits, serving as a catalyst for success in your job, providing access to diverse career opportunities. It paves the way for a higher salary, honing your skills, and augmenting the security offerings for your employer. The specific advantages of Microsoft Azure cloud computing certification are outlined below.

1. Career Growth: Whether you are already established in a cloud computing role or aiming to enter the field, Azure certification can significantly propel your career. Recognized as some of the most coveted certifications in IT, Azure certifications can enhance your employability, leading to better job prospects or advancement within your current organization.

2. Flexible Career Options: A Microsoft Azure certification opens doors to a broad spectrum of career paths. Whether aspiring to be a cloud architect, developer, or solution architect, the certification provides flexibility to pursue various roles. Furthermore, it enables professionals to navigate across industries, such as healthcare, finance, and entertainment, and work in different locations globally, including France, the UK, the United States, and more. CloudThat offers the best cloud courses online.

3. Industry Relevance: As businesses across diverse sectors migrate to the cloud for storage, computing, and networking advantages, Azure certification positions individuals for roles with industry leaders. Certified Azure professionals find opportunities in sectors ranging from healthcare to finance, contributing to the global technology landscape.

In conclusion, Azure cloud certification not only validates your expertise but also offers a gateway to dynamic and rewarding career possibilities, making you a valuable asset in the ever-evolving field of cloud computing.

Microsoft Role-Based Certifications

In 2018, Microsoft introduced role-based certifications to align Azure knowledge and skills with the specific requirements of careers and businesses.

Currently, there are nine role-based Azure certifications available, with Microsoft regularly updating the list to reflect changes in technology and career paths. As of mid-2020, the following Azure role-based certifications are offered, organized in ascending order of difficulty:

1. Azure Administrator

2. Azure AI Engineer

3. Azure Data Engineer

4. Azure Data Scientist

5. Azure Database Administrator

6. Azure Developer

7. Azure DevOps Engineer

8. Azure Security Engineer

9. Azure Solutions Architect

These azure certification courses are structured to cater to individuals at various proficiency levels, starting from beginners and progressing through intermediate to advanced stages of experience.

Azure Certification Levels

Microsoft has categorized its azure certifications into four distinct levels, spanning from novice to expert. All Microsoft azure training certifications fall within these designated Azure Certification path levels:

1. Fundamentals Certification – Designed for beginners embarking on their cloud learning journey, this Microsoft azure training certification is also suitable for individuals with non-technical backgrounds venturing into the realm of cloud concepts.

2. Associate Certification – Geared towards individuals already acquainted with Azure, these azure cloud certifications can enhance your resume and showcase your proficiency.

3. Expert Certification – Reserved for those with prior experience, a profound understanding, and a foundation of associate-level knowledge in Azure, expert certifications signify advanced mastery in the field.

4. Specialty Certification – Currently available for select roles such as Azure for SAP Workloads and Azure IoT Developer Specialty, these certifications cater to specific niches within the Azure ecosystem.

How to Prepare for Your Azure Certification Exam

Wondering how to attain certification in Microsoft Azure? Let’s understand the steps required to ready yourself for the azure certification courses process:

Step 1: Identify Your Career Goals and Select the Right Azure Certification

Begin by outlining your career objectives. Whether you aspire to be an architect, administrator, or developer, choose a Microsoft azure training certification aligned with your career vision.

Step 2: Sign Up for the Course

Once you’ve decided on the certification, enroll in the corresponding course. Obtain study materials and commence your preparation. Supplement your learning with resources like videos and practical exams to ensure comprehensive readiness. Explore Cloud Computing courses and certifications to kickstart your journey.

Step 3: Allocate Sufficient Time to Study

Regardless of your current work status, allocate dedicated time to focus on your Azure certification. Consistency is key, ensuring you avoid last-minute stress as the exam approaches.

Step 4: Engage in Hands-On Practice

Textbook knowledge is essential, but practical experience is equally crucial. Immerse yourself in real-life learning exercises and projects. Hands-on experience not only enhances your understanding of the subject but also provides a glimpse into your future job responsibilities.

Step 5: Take Mock Exams

Simulate the certification test experience with mock exams. Regular practice allows you to identify gaps in your knowledge and address them effectively. Mock exams help build confidence and readiness for the actual test.

Step 6: Review and Revise

In the days leading up to the exam, consistently review and revise the material. Persevere in your efforts without giving up.

Step 7: Exam Day

On the day of the exam, ensure you are well-rested and approach the questions with composure. Take a deep breath, mentally revisit your study materials, and answer each question confidently. Trust in the preparation you’ve undertaken and approach the exam with a focused mindset.

Getting started with Azure fundamentals

Embarking on your journey with Azure fundamentals is crucial, especially if you’re new to cloud computing or exploring the Azure platform for the first time. Microsoft’s entry-level certification, AZ-900 Fundamentals, serves as the baseline for Azure expertise. While not a prerequisite for other Azure certifications, AZ-900 is the ideal starting point for your Azure journey. The exam covers essential topics such as cloud concepts, core Azure services, solutions and management tools, security features, identity governance, privacy, compliance features, and Azure cost management. By completing this track, you will attain foundational knowledge of Azure cloud services. For further details on the AZ-900 exam, visit the official exam landing page.

Tips for Exam Day:

Opt for an early exam time to ensure a clear head and minimize the stress of the day (excluding the exam itself). Refrain from studying on the exam day to keep your mind free of clutter. Last-minute cramming may lead to confusion and second-guessing. Let a clear mind guide you to success. If you decide to flag a question for later review, make sure to select an answer before moving on. This ensures that, in the event you run out of time to revisit flagged questions, you have chosen an option rather than leaving it unanswered and marked as completely wrong.


In summary, the Azure Certification Course offers a comprehensive and structured pathway for IT professionals to validate their cloud expertise and enhance their career prospects. Whether starting with the fundamentals or pursuing specialized roles, Azure cloud certifications spans a wide range of skills and positions, including cloud administration, development, security, data engineering, AI, and solutions architecture.

These certifications not only attest to your technical proficiency but also demonstrate a commitment to staying abreast of rapidly evolving cloud technologies. By investing time and effort in obtaining Azure certifications, you position yourself as a valuable asset in the world of cloud computing, unlocking avenues for new opportunities, elevated salaries, and engaging roles across various industries.

As businesses increasingly migrate to and innovate in the cloud, the knowledge and credentials acquired through Azure certification courses ensure that you are well-prepared to meet the demands of the evolving tech landscape in the future.

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