Shivani Gandhi

Research Associate

Shivani Gandhi is a Research Associate (Kubernetes) at CloudThat technologies. She holds a master's degree in Computer Application. She is passionate about cloud computing and has a strong urge to learn new cloud-native technologies. She has experience in GCP & AWS and enjoys leveraging clients with efficient cloud-based solutions. She is adaptive, a good team player, and enjoys reading.

Shivani Gandhi Blogs

Total Posts : 6

AWS, Cloud Computing

EKS Container Protection with Amazon GuardDuty

By Shivani Gandhi

Dec 27, 2022

Cloud Computing, DevOps, Google Cloud (GCP), Kubernetes

10 Easy Steps to Migrate Workload to a New GKE Node Pool

By Shivani Gandhi

Nov 28, 2022

AWS, Cyber Security

Kubernetes Security: Top Open-Source Tools in 2022 - Part III

By Shivani Gandhi

Nov 15, 2022

AWS, Cloud Computing, DevOps

A Guide to Setup Kubernetes Dashboard on Amazon EKS Cluster

By Shivani Gandhi

Nov 15, 2022

AWS, Cloud Computing, Cyber Security

10 Best Practices of Kubernetes Security & Risk Management - Part II

By Shivani Gandhi

Jul 6, 2022

Cloud Computing, Cyber Security

Introduction to Kubernetes Security with Digital Forensic Incident Response (DFIR)- PART I

By Shivani Gandhi

May 9, 2022

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