Pioneer in Microsoft Azure IoT Training certification with highest number of sessions delivered in India & across the globe.

Our Internet of Things courses comprises 50-60% of hands-on and lab based sessions for the best training outcome.

Interactive classroom-driven Internet of Things certification course online with emphasis on one-on-one mentoring sessions.

Microsoft certified trainers with industry expertise ensure exposure to real-world use-cases in our IoT certificate course.

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All the Internet of Things certification courses online are structured and delivered to suit specific needs of learners with topics on device communication, device provisioning at scale, message processing and analytics. Explore our IoT training online to achieve your career goals...

AZ-220: Microsoft Azure IoT Developer

This AZ-220 Azure IoT Developer certification course from CloudThat is designed to train and prepare students who plan to take up the Microsoft Azure IoT...

35 Lectures


₹ 29900
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A pass with unlimited access to all Azure Certification Trainings for a year!

AMP is a subsidized training pass offered by CloudThat with unlimited access to all Microsoft Azure Certification Trainings from fundamentals to advance role-based for a year.

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Our Top Trainers

Anjali Srivastava

Anjali serves as a Research Associate for IoT (including AI/ML) and Azure cloud at CloudThat technologies. She is an experienced Solutions Engineer & Developer, corporate trainer working on Microsoft Azure around multi-tier distributed application design planning and deployment for several etc.

Anandteerth Mathad

Anand serves as a Subject Matter Expert - Cloud for IoT (including AI/ML) and Azure cloud at CloudThat technologies. He has experience in Machine Learning, Python, Information Theory, Probability and Digital Communication. Skilled with Pandas, scikit-learn, scipy, seaborn, python for etc.

Sharat Kanthi

Sharat serves as a solutions architect for Azure and IoT (Big data, AI/ML) at CloudThat Technologies, He is an experienced Solutions Engineer & Developer, corporate trainer working on Microsoft Azure around multi-tier distributed application design planning and deployment for etc.

Student Reviews

“Strive for continuous improvement, instead of perfection,” At CloudThat we relentlessly work to offer best-in-class teaching-learning model. Our student reviews are reflection of the same...

Mayank Bharawa

CloudThat offers great mix of instructor-led and self-learning content.


Excellent service.


I had excellent time learning Azure Security with the training provided by CloudThat, and I believe that this is the best training anyone could attend

Mustafa Bharmal

The training support is too good. Trainers are certified and highly knowledgeable.

Prarthit Mehta

Had a good learning experience with CloudThat.


Excellent training and knowledgeable team of trainers.

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