Saloni Singla

Senior Executive - Content & Communication

Saloni is a seasoned content writer and a communications strategist. She uses her master's degree in communication strategy to write content that stays with the reader. The aim of her efforts is to build unique content to tell the Cloud story and help readers make informed decisions. Guided by the leadership of Susil Jena, Saloni adeptly employs various tiers of media to ensure CloudThat stands out as the undisputed 'talk of the town'. Usually on a crusade to make head-scratching content more fathomable, she can be frequently spotted near the coffee machine.

Saloni Singla Blogs

Total Posts : 24

AI, AI/ML, Artificial Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Master AI From Scratch in 2024: A Complete Guide

By Saloni Singla

Feb 16, 2024

Cloud Computing, Corporate Training

Beyond the Training Room - CloudThat's Employee Training and Development

By Saloni Singla

Jan 12, 2024

AI/ML, Cyber Security

Developing Employee Skills on Generative AI in the Banking Sector

By Saloni Singla

Jan 5, 2024

Azure, Cloud Migration, Microsoft Security, Technology

FinOps Secrets for Cloud Cost Optimization

By Saloni Singla

Dec 28, 2023

Analysis, Analytics, AWS, Data Analytics

Boost Business Intelligence with Data Insights using Amazon QuickSight

By Saloni Singla

Dec 28, 2023

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