Rajveer Singh Chouhan

Research Associate

Rajveer Singh Chouhan works as a Research Associate at CloudThat. He has been learning and gaining practical experience in AWS and Azure. Rajveer is also passionate about continuously expanding his skill set and knowledge base by actively seeking opportunities to learn new skills. Rajveer regularly reads blogs and articles related to various programming languages, technologies, and industry trends to stay up to date with the latest developments in the field.

Rajveer Singh Chouhan Blogs

Total Posts : 8

AWS, Cloud Computing, DevOps

A Guide to Deploy ArgoCD in Amazon EKS Cluster

By Rajveer Singh Chouhan

Jun 10, 2024

AWS, Cloud Computing

A Guide to Setting Up a Self-Hosted Runner on an Amazon EC2 Machine

By Rajveer Singh Chouhan

May 31, 2024

Azure, Microsoft Azure

Automating Azure Infrastructure with ARM Templates for IaC

By Rajveer Singh Chouhan

Mar 20, 2024

Azure, Cloud Computing

Enhancing Azure VM Support with Ultra Disks in Azure Backup

By Rajveer Singh Chouhan

Mar 11, 2024

Cloud Computing, DevOps

Kong Gateway on OpenShift Cluster Using Helm

By Rajveer Singh Chouhan

Feb 1, 2024

AWS, Cloud Computing

A Guide to Mounting Amazon S3 Bucket on Windows Using Rclone

By Rajveer Singh Chouhan

Dec 13, 2023

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