Prarthit Mehta

Business Unit Head - Cloud Consulting

Prarthit Mehta is the Business Unit Head-Cloud Consulting at CloudThat. He is an AWS ambassador and has experience delivering solutions for customers from various industry domains. He also holds working experience in AWS and Big data platforms. He is an AWS Certified Architect - Professional and a certified Microsoft Azure Solutions Architect.

Prarthit Mehta Blogs

Total Posts : 23

AWS, Cloud Computing

11 Proven Methods for AWS Optimization and Cost-Effective Data Transfer

By Prarthit Mehta

Feb 12, 2024

AWS, Azure, Cloud Computing, Google Cloud (GCP)

Crafting a Hybrid Cloud Future: A Guide for IT Leaders to Master Strategic Advantage

By Prarthit Mehta

Sep 4, 2023

AI/ML, AWS, Azure, Cloud Computing, Google Cloud (GCP)

Discover the Power of Generative AI in the Tech Industry

By Prarthit Mehta

Aug 23, 2023

AWS, Cloud Computing, Cyber Security

GoDaddy Hacked: What Should be the Next Steps?

By Prarthit Mehta

Feb 19, 2023

AWS, Azure, Cloud Computing, Google Cloud (GCP)

Cloud Computing Market trends of 2023

By Prarthit Mehta

Feb 3, 2023

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