Imraan Pattan

Imraan is a Software Developer working with CloudThat Technologies. He has worked on Python Projects using the Flask framework. He is interested in participating in competitive programming challenges and Hackathons. He loves programming and likes to explore different functionalities for creating backend applications.

Introduction to PostgreSQL and PostgreSQL CTE, Upsert

Posted on August 30, 2022 by Imraan Pattan | Comments(0)

This blog will discuss PostgreSQL and the uniqueness of PostgreSQL as compared to other open-source SQL software. Let us explore PostgreSQL Common Table Expressions (CTE), PostgreSQL Upsert (Update+Insert), and much more. Introduction to PostgreSQL PostgreSQL is a relational database management system that is sophisticated, enterprise-class, and open-source. PostgreSQL supports both relational and non-relational data querying. It is a robust database that the open-source community has developed for more than two decades. Many online apps, mobile, and analytics applications use PostgreSQL as their primary database. Top features of PostgreSQL Many advanced features are available in PostgreSQL that are not available in...

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