Deepika N

Research Associate

Deepika N works as a Research Associate - DevOps and holds a Master's in Computer Applications. She is interested in DevOps and technologies. She helps clients to deploy highly available and secured application in AWS. Her hobbies are singing and painting.

Deepika N Blogs

Total Posts : 5

AWS, Cloud Computing

Seamlessly Transfer Data Across Applications with Amazon AppFlow

By Deepika N

Apr 28, 2023

AWS, Cloud Computing

The Future of DevOps : Prediction and Trends for 2024 and Beyond

By Deepika N

Mar 20, 2023

AWS, Cloud Computing, DevOps

Hassle-free Cloud Deployment using AWS Application Composer

By Deepika N

Feb 28, 2023

Cloud Computing, DevOps

Rapid and Secure Code Delivery using DevSecOps

By Deepika N

Jan 18, 2023

AWS, Cloud Computing

AWS Control Tower Interaction with IAM Identity Center

By Deepika N

Jan 3, 2023

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