Sneha Naik

Frontend Developer

Sneha works as Software Developer - Frontend at CloudThat. She is a skilled Front-end developer with a passion for crafting visually appealing and intuitive websites. She is skilled in using technologies such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and frameworks like ReactJS. Sneha has a deep understanding of web development principles and focuses on creating responsive and user-friendly designs. In her free time, she enjoys staying up to date with the latest developments in the industry and experimenting with new technologies.

Sneha Naik Blogs

Total Posts : 17

Apps Development, Cloud Computing

Ensuring Compliance and Data Protection in TypeScript Projects on the Cloud

By Sneha Naik

Jun 24, 2024

AWS, Cloud Computing

A Deep Dive into Securing APIs with Amazon API Gateway

By Sneha Naik

Mar 22, 2024

Apps Development, Cloud Computing

Enhancing Global Content Delivery with Next.js and Cloud-Based Edge Networks

By Sneha Naik

Mar 4, 2024

Apps Development, Cloud Computing

Building Dynamic Web Apps with Next.js and Cloud Databases

By Sneha Naik

Jan 25, 2024

AWS, Cloud Computing, Cloud Native Application Development

Cloud-Native Application Development for Modern Apps on AWS

By Sneha Naik

Dec 11, 2023

Apps Development, Cloud Computing

Optimizing ReactJS Performance with Cloud CDN and Caching

By Sneha Naik

Dec 8, 2023

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