Shubham Dubey

Sr. Research Associate

Shubham Dubey works as a Sr. Research Associate at CloudThat. He has 3+ years of experience in AI/ML. He is highly passionate about learning new skills and technologies.

Shubham Dubey Blogs

Total Posts : 8

AI/ML, Cloud Computing, Data Analytics

Implementing Dropout Regularization for Neural Networks in Deep Learning

By Shubham Dubey

Nov 15, 2022

AI/ML, Cloud Computing

Utilizing OpenCV for Computer Vision

By Shubham Dubey

Nov 7, 2022

AI/ML, AWS, Cloud Computing

Collaboration of Hugging Face & AWS SageMaker Brings Revolution to NLP Model Training

By Shubham Dubey

Jun 30, 2022

AWS, Cloud Computing

How Amazon Rekognition Works

By Shubham Dubey

Apr 16, 2022

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