Noopur Shrivastava

Research Associate

Noopur Shrivastava works as a Research Associate at CloudThat. She is focused on gaining knowledge of the Cloud environment. Noopur loves learning about new technology and trying out different approaches to problem-solving.

Noopur Shrivastava Blogs

Total Posts : 9

AWS, Cloud Computing

A Guide to Setting Up and Managing Users with Admin Access in Amazon Redshift

By Noopur Shrivastava

Jun 10, 2024

AWS, Cloud Computing, DevOps

Streamlining AWS Infrastructure Management with Terraformer

By Noopur Shrivastava

May 30, 2024

AWS, Cloud Computing

Enhancing Data Protection with Advanced Features in AWS Backup

By Noopur Shrivastava

Mar 13, 2024

AWS, Cloud Computing

A Guide to Analyzing AWS Data Transfer Charges

By Noopur Shrivastava

Jan 22, 2024

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