Research Associate

Anusha works as Research Associate at CloudThat. She is an enthusiastic person about learning new technologies and her interest is inclined towards AWS and DataScience.

Anusha Blogs

Total Posts : 13

AI/ML, AWS, Azure, Cloud Computing, Google Cloud (GCP)

A Comparative Analysis of Amazon Rekognition vs. Google Cloud Vision AI vs. Azure Custom Vision

By Anusha

Sep 6, 2023

Azure, Cloud Computing

Simplify Anomaly Detection with Azure Anomaly Detector

By Anusha

Aug 28, 2023

Cloud Computing, Data Analytics

Revolutionizing Insights with Real-Time Dashboards vs. Traditional Approaches

By Anusha

Jun 16, 2023

AI/ML, Cloud Computing, Data Analytics

Exploring Python's Concurrency Model: Asyncio and Threading

By Anusha

Jun 15, 2023

AI/ML, Azure, Cloud Computing

Revolutionizing Healthcare with Azure Health Bot

By Anusha

Jun 14, 2023

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