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Modernizing Legacy AWS Setup for a FinTech Company to Enhance Efficiency and User Protection

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Amazon EC2, Amazon RDS, Amazon S3, AWS CloudTrail, AWS IAM, Amazon CloudWatch, Amazon SNS, Amazon VPC


Successfully achieved secure AWS migration, boosted SQL Server on Amazon RDS, enhanced data protection, optimized load balancing, reached 99.95% availability, and streamlined access with Azure AD in AWS SSO.

About the Client

Auquan is a FinTech company which is headquartered in London and offers financial services, Algorithmic Trading, and Quantitative Trading. Their AI-driven Portfolio Intelligence Engine offers pre-market insights, empowering portfolio managers, research analysts, and corporate teams for enhanced research and proactive market actions.



Optimized Performance and Availability

SQL Server migration to Amazon RDS

(Enhanced Scalability and Automation)

Improved Security and Management

Secure Cross-Account Migration

The Challenge

The legacy AWS setup posed security, privacy, and active directory concerns. Poor design lacked security groups, Network ACLs, causing inefficiencies without load balancers and Autoscaling. This limited scalability, causing 20-30 min downtimes (6-9 times daily) from traffic spikes and significantly affecting the business growth.


  • Migrated CRM application from public to private Amazon EC2, enhancing security and performance with optimized sizing.
  • Boosted Microsoft SQL Server via Amazon RDS with DMS, delivering scalability and streamlined management.
  • Achieved smooth Windows Server AD migration to AWS Managed AD, elevating authentication and security.
  • Strengthened security with private Amazon EC2, security groups, and Network ACLs for data protection.
  • Implemented load balancer, Autoscaling for resource efficiency, scalability, and operational enhancement.
  • Stored app data in Amazon S3 with defined retention for compliance and efficient data management.
  • Proactively monitored performance via Amazon CloudWatch, swift issue response through custom alarms.
  • Leveraged Amazon SNS, Amazon S3, AWS Directory Service, AWS CloudTrail, AWS CloudWatch, AWS IAM, Amazon VPC.

The Results

Enhanced system architecture through cross-account migration, strengthened security via SQL Server Migration to Amazon RDS, resulting in load balancing, a 99.95% uptime, and smooth Azure AD integration within AWS SSO for authentication.

Download the Case Study

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