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An EdTech Firm Overcomes Database and Analytics Challenges through a Smooth Migration to AWS

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Amazon EC2, Amazon VPC, Amazon S3, Amazon CloudWatch, Amazon SQS, Amazon SNS, AWS CloudTrail, Amazon GuardDuty, Amazon Route53, AWS System Manager, AWS Active Directory, AWS IAM, AWS Support


AWS best practices implementation to build a cost-optimized solution while guiding phased migration and delivering essential knowledge transfer and technical documentation.

About the Client

Rocket Learning is a prominent Indian non-profit organization that drives early childhood education and community engagement by leveraging tech, media, and social strategies, linking schools, Anganwadi’s, and parents. They have impacted over 1 million children through partnerships with government ministries, seven states, and MIT-JPAL for scalable impact. 



Optimized Infrastructure Cost and Performance

Centralized Access Control and Management

AWS Managed Microsoft Active Director


Database Efficiency and Cost Reduction

The Challenge

The client faced slow queries, data inconsistency, and resource issues on Azure. Incompatibility with Power BI drove them to shift to AWS for better scalability and flexibility. Azure’s limitations prompted the client to seek alternatives due to cost-efficiency problems and scalability concerns.  


  • Amazon Windows EC2 instances were used to host the client’s primary application, which was migrated from Azure. 
  • Microsoft IIS and dependencies were installed on each client’s Windows application server. 
  • AWS RDS for MS SQL Server and Volume 230 GB with multi-AZ deployment was used to migrate the Azure Database. Also, Scheduled Backup was configured about the disaster recovery. 
  • AWS Managed Microsoft AD was set up to manage the users, groups policies, roles, licenses, devices, Amazon EC2 servers, etc. 
  • Migrated 3.5TB Azure Storage objects to Amazon S3 storage and implemented lifecycle policies for cost optimization. 
  • Basic architecting services such as Autoscaling, Load Balancers, and multi-AZ deployments were used to make highly available, scalable, and redundant infrastructure. 
  • Amazon CloudWatch services were used to monitor the environment and application, whereas AWS CloudTrail was used to trace the error logs and access logs. 
  • Knowledge Transfer sessions and documentation are provided to help us to understand their environment for future changes if required. 

The Results

Achieved significant cost savings and improved business efficiency by migrating applications to AWS, utilizing optimized server instances, cost-effective database solutions, managed IAM roles, Microsoft IIS for reduced latency, and strategic storage policies, resulting in up to 65% cost reduction compared to the previous Azure setup. 

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