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A Computer Vision Product Company streamlined its massive video file processing requirements through CloudThat’s Cloud Data Platform Services

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IT & Media services


AWS, Data Platform Services


Video streaming and data archive facility

About the Client

Datalyca is an AI start-up based out of Bangalore, India, that brings together human and computer vision to quantify the findings. Its flagship product, Birdie Inc is a computer vision product that helps quantify player performance and assists them in improving their overall game


AWS S3 resolved the challenge of storing massive video files

Effective management of Docker container

AWS Lambda effectively addressed the challenge of executing code

The Challenge

With their existing on-premises infrastructure, they had limitations in terms of processing speed, memory, storage capacity, and time constraints

"When we started analyzing the requirement, we were in a dilemma about whether the automation of the end-to-end process would really work or not. From the start of the project, till the end, the development team was transparent and delivered the solution beyond expectation. For any future AWS-related requirements, I don’t need to search for a vendor. Thanks, CloudThat."

Karunakar Reddy R, Founder, DataLyca


  • AWS S3 for storing massive video (mp4) files and employed its services for data archiving.
  • Docker container to process and analyze the videos by running python script on the AWS EC2 service cloud compute environment.
  • Elastic Container Registry (ECS) for managing and running the Docker container.
  • Video streaming through a playback URL by employing the AWS Elemental Media Package service.
  • AWS Lambda for SMIL file generation, file handling, and triggering other events like batch job processing.

The Results

Efficient solution to store massive video (mp4) files on the cloud with the AWS S3 service, videos analyzed with AWS EC2 service, and successful streaming with a playback URL through the AWS Elemental Media Package service

Download the Case Study

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