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A one of a kind mobile app for motor industry uses DevOps Best Practices for user automation.

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Automobile industry


AWS EKS, AWS EC2, AWS ECR, AWS ALB, Amazon S3, AWS CloudWatch, AWS Secrets Manager, AWS SQS, AWS Route53, AWS IAM, AWS KMS


Real-time vehicle health conditions and repair estimation leveraging Computer Vision and Machine Learning technologies

About the Client

Founded in 2019 and launched in South Africa, Carscan is a mobile app that is the first of its kind in the motor industry. It uses computer vision and machine learning to scan vehicle damages and provide real-time vehicle health conditions and repair estimates 


1000 requests per second

Fast, accurate, and secure application


Reduced downtime post-implementation


Highly Available Workloads

The Challenge

The client needs a focused, fault-tolerant HA (Highly Available) application hosted on AWS Cloud to scale their business. The current monolithic application impacted the e-commerce application that faced severe downtime (about 3-5%) and negatively affected the user experience. They approached CloudThat to enable DevOps in their organization and introduce automation to reduce manual interference by leveraging the cloud. 


  • Migrate the application services running on AWS EC2 to AWS EKS and leverage Microservices architecture using DevOps best practices. 
  • Dockerize all the JAVA applications for storing and hosting them on AWS ECR and Amazon EKS.  
  • Automate build and deployment of their Java application using Jenkins  
  • Auto Infrastructure deployment by Terraform 
  • Enable Multiple environment strategies (dev, staging, prod) with Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery. 
  • Kubernetes configuration management automation 
  • Enabling Helm charts for Application Management for Kubernetes  
  • Leveraging the power of Amazon CloudWatch and Prometheus for Monitoring and logging applications. 

The Results

Successfully incorporated microservices with best DevOps practices. Fast, accurate, and highly available(99.9%), secure application for high customer traffic on the application, which can support up to 1000 requests per second.

Download the Case Study

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