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Streamlined Deployment Process for 50+ Microservices on Ubuntu 22 EC2 Instances for a FinTech

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Amazon S3, AWS IAM, AWS Route 53, Amazon RDS, Amazon EC2, AWS GuardDuty, Amazon CloudWatch, AWS CloudTrail, AWS Systems Manager


Significant improvements in deployment speed, AMI creation time, security posture, cost savings via Spot Instances, and efficiency gains with Graviton instances.

About the Client

Credit Saison India, a technology-driven NBFC FinTech, offers a range of loans and asset management services, focusing on accelerating India’s credit growth with innovative solutions and tailored offerings for individuals, SMEs, FinTechs, and NBFCs. 


50+ microservices

Significant Reduction in Deployment Time

54% to 95% within 6 months

Security Improvement


Cost Efficiency and Performance Gains

The Challenge

CreditSaison faced infrastructure challenges, including implementing CIS for Ubuntu 22′ microservices, optimizing Amazon ECS deployment via CI/CD, and addressing scalability and security as user base grew. The project aims to analyze and optimize their cloud infrastructure, enhance application performance, and collaborate with the DevSecOps team to meet business needs efficiently. 


  • All resource creation and deployment occur automatically using AWS CloudFormation templates, eliminating the need for manual intervention. 
  • Cloudformation template versions in place to track and manage changes in the infrastructure and mapping were used for enabling dynamic and region-specific resource allocation. 
  • Utilize Amazon EC2 instances with Ubuntu 22 for hosting microservices, ensuring compatibility and security. 
  • Implement Ansible playbooks for CIS hardening of Ubuntu 22 across environments to enhance security and compliance. 
  • Implementing Amazon API Gateway to work with AWS Lambda function as an internal authorizer, while the API Gateway acts as a proxy for internal domain routing between microservices. 
  • Set up the Amazon EC2 Image Builder pipeline and AWS Lambda function to automate the creation and deployment of the latest versions of Ubuntu 22 AMIs, ensuring consistency and security. 
  • Develop AWS Lambda functions and SSM documents to automate system security and compliance remediation, orchestrated via AWS CloudFormation templates to ensure consistency and scalability. 
  • Utilizing Spot Instances for microservices running on lower environment Amazon EC2 instances to streamline resource provisioning and cost optimization.

The Results

Reduced deployment time for 50+ microservices on Ubuntu 22 EC2 instances, improved AMI creation efficiency with CIS level 2 scripts, enhanced Security Hub score from 54% to 95%, significant cost savings with Spot Instances, and improved compute efficiency with Graviton instances.

Download the Case Study

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