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Achieving 70% Completion within the Priority Timeline and Implementing HRIs and MRIs Remediation Strategies for Software Firm

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Software and IT


AWS GuardDuty, AWS ACM, AWS Macie, Amazon Inspector, AWS Systems Manager, AWS Organizations, AWS CloudTrail, AWS IAM


Comprehensive AWS security solutions for enhanced protection and operational efficiency.

About the Client

BioQuest Global optimizes healthcare knowledge services with advanced technology solutions, including custom software development, patient access programs, medical education, real-world studies, and scientific writing.


Enhanced Permissions Management

AWS Organizations and AWS IAM

Continuous Surveillance and Threat Detection

Deployment of AWS GuardDuty

Additional Layer of Defense Against Web-Based Threats

Adoption of AWS-managed rule sets

The Challenge

The client aimed to strengthen their AWS cloud security aligned with the Well-Architected Framework. CloudThat’s review uncovered 34 High-Risk Issues and 8 Medium-Risk Issues, revealing vulnerabilities in infrastructure and web applications. With evolving cyber threats, concerns mounted over data protection, application security, and potential breaches, risking financial loss and reputational damage.

“I have noted that Rohit, Monish, and Naman have successfully remediated 16 out of the 23 HRIs. Their dedication and hard work are truly commendable. I am more than happy to provide feedback and share my experience regarding their performance. I am looking forward to seeing similar enthusiasm from CloudThat’s team for the closure of the remaining HRIs.”

Lokesh Kumar, BioQuest


  • Utilized AWS Organizations to finely granulate permissions assigned to AWS IAM Users and Groups, preventing unauthorized access. 
  • Implemented AWS Certificate Manager (ACM) to provision, manage, and deploy public SSL/TLS certificates for Amazon CloudFront distributions. 
  • Limited SSH port access through security group configurations, significantly reducing the attack surface for enhanced security measures. 
  • Deployed AWS GuardDuty to continuously monitor for malicious or unauthorized activities within the client’s AWS environment. 
  • Implemented AWS-managed rule sets for SQL injection and WordPress vulnerabilities to bolster defense against prevalent web-based threats. 
  • Used AWS Inspector for automated vulnerability assessments, enhancing security posture in the client’s AWS environment. 
  • Used AWS Systems Manager for centralized operational data management and improved availability with Patch Manager for remote patching. 
  • Deployed AWS Macie to automatically discover, classify, and protect sensitive data stored in Amazon S3 buckets in the client’s AWS environment. 
  • Enforced strict Amazon S3 bucket policies to restrict access to authorized users only, preventing unauthorized access and data leakage.

The Results

Enhancing security and operational excellence with AWS solutions, including refined permissions, continuous surveillance, fortified defenses, vulnerability assessments, centralized management, encryption, policy enforcement, and prioritized remediation.

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