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Automated Backup Solution and Strengthening Data Security for 1.5TB Data Size to address On-Prem Server Vulnerabilities

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AWS Backup Storage Solution with MSP360 Cloudberry Windows Server Backup, featuring daily incremental backups, compression, encryption on Amazon S3, and secure storage, ensuring easy retrieval.

About the Client

PIXEL excels in Geospatial Information Systems, web applications, data migration, mobile apps, and network design, providing quality land, water, infrastructure, and utility services. With over two decades of global trust, PIXEL seamlessly integrates advanced technology with industry expertise in Project Advisory, Geospatial Consulting, Information Integration, and Implementation Support. 


MSP360 Cloudberry Windows Server

Automated Backup Implementation

Daily incremental backups

Efficient Backups

Amazon S3 encryption

Secure Storage and Notification

The Challenge

The client wants an automated solution for their 1.5 TB backup data, facing challenges storing backups on on-prem servers, risking data loss in case of server compromise. The issues included decentralized storage causing data loss and a flawed backup strategy with a Windows server storing backups locally, posing a threat in case of server disasters. 


  • Proposed MSP360 Cloudberry Windows Server Backup for automated, secure, and feature-rich backups, including compression, encryption, notifications, a user-friendly dashboard, and simple file recovery. 
  • Configured incremental backup strategy syncing on-prem data to the cloud on weekdays at 17:00 hours, creating a single backup file scanned for changes, ensuring efficient updates. 
  • Secured Amazon S3 buckets by making them private, with customized bucket policies, and utilized Amazon S3-managed encryption keys for data encryption. 
  • Implemented a lifecycle policy for non-access, planning to transfer data to Amazon S3 Glacier after 30 days. 
  • Leveraged AWS services like Amazon S3, AWS IAM, AWS CloudTrail, and Amazon CloudWatch to construct a comprehensive storage solution. 

The Results

Successfully automated AWS backups for Windows servers using MSP360 Cloudberry, with daily incremental backups, compressed and encrypted storage on Amazon S3, secure configurations, and easy retrieval on the client’s server. 

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