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Continuous Monitoring for Illegal or Malicious Activity and Enhancing System Availability and Dependability for an NPO

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Government and PSU


AWS GuardDuty, AWS SSO, AWS ACM, AWS Macie, Amazon Inspector, AWS Systems Manager, AWS Shield, AWS Config, AWS Organizations, AWS CloudTrail, AWS IAM


Strengthen AWS security with automated assessments, continuous monitoring, centralized administration, encryption, and compliance assurance.

About the Client

The client is a non-profit organization that employs over 10000+ people and focuses on national development. The organization has successfully led the national government on multiple occasions and maintains a robust presence across various state legislatures in India.


Comprehensive Security Infrastructure

AWS Security Services

Comprehensive Threat Monitoring and Management

Deployment of AWS GuardDuty

Solid Security Posture and Reduced Attack Surface

AWS Inspector

The Challenge

The client encountered security challenges with their legacy infrastructure, lacking guardrails, stringent user authentication, bot defense during peak booking (Tatkal), and DDoS protection. Transitioning to AWS Cloud was vital for improved security, management, and governance, facilitating rapid development and deployment of their modern ticketing system.


  • Configured AWS IAM roles and policies to enforce least privilege, enhanced by IAM MFA and SSO for added security layers. 
  • Established an AWS VPC with precise security group and network ACL configurations to control inbound and outbound traffic effectively, bolstering security. 
  • Facilitated seamless application migration with a secure VPN connection between on-premises and AWS environments, maintaining security protocols. 
  • Utilized AWS KMS for data encryption at rest and in transit, including server-side encryption for Amazon S3 buckets and EBS volumes, ensuring confidentiality and integrity. 
  • Leveraged AWS Systems Manager for centralized operational data management and Patch Manager for remote patching, improving availability. 
  • Implemented AWS Config for continuous monitoring of resource configurations, ensuring compliance with industry standards.

The Results

Enhance AWS security posture with automated assessment, web application protection, and threat detection using Amazon Inspector, AWS WAF, and Amazon GuardDuty, alongside comprehensive management, encryption, and compliance measures.

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