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A FinTech Solution Provider Adopts DevOps Practices to Release New Features with Zero-downtime

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IT services and IT Consulting


DevOps, AWS


Continuous integration and deployment through DevOps best practices on AWS

About the Client

BeyondSquare Solutions an IT products and services organization incepted to serve the FinTech industry with innovative products and solutions addressing finance & accounting needs.Their flagship product, FinAlyzer offers one stop solution for CFOs reporting in multi-entity organizations, covering integrated group reporting, legal & management consolidation & segment wise profitability reporting.



Implementedwith AWS CodePipeline

AWS CloudWatch and EFK Stack

Implemented for Infrastructure and application monitoring


To ensure and store Kubernetes cluster state backups in S3

The Challenge

BeyondSquare had single Kubernetes deployment for six different applications in a single instance. The challenge was to segregate operational services on a single multiport. The existing system lacked continuous integration and deployment procedure, and thus, tracking code and deployment changes were not simple. Moreover, monitoring and logging solutions required centralized management with a better retention strategy.

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BeyondSquare Team


  • To ensure network-level isolation across environments dev, stage and production, centralized services termed as management were placed under different VPC. Security groups were configured as virtual firewall for EC2 instances to control incoming and outgoing traffic accordingly.
  • Continuous Integration & Continuous Delivery (CICD)implementation was put into place with AWS CodePipeline ensuring faster deployments with approvals helping to test features before moving to prod environment. Pipelines were configured for each application in all the three environments.
  • Highly available, scalable, fault tolerant microservices deployed using the deploy stage of the pipelines on to the Kubernetes cluster
  • Infrastructure and application monitoring put into action with AWS CloudWatch and EFK stack.
  • Kubernetes cluster state backups were ensured and stored in S3 using Velero. The same tool was used at the end client’s cluster to restore the cluster state.

The Results

Client’s business growth is fostered by setting up multi-environment for application deployment by satisfying the organizational SLAs and internal process framework

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