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Efficient Landing Zone Automation Streamlines Setup, Reducing Manual Work by 80% for a PSU

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IT and Software


AWS Control Tower, AWS WAF, Amazon S3, AWS CloudFront, AWS IAM, AWS Systems Manager, Amazon SNS, Amazon RDS, AWS CloudTrail, Amazon EC2


Automated landing zone setup reduces manual work, and centralized logging enhances monitoring. SCP enforcement ensures governance and industry-standard guardrails simplify compliance for a PSU.

About the Client

Transportation Systems under the Ministry of Transportation are vital for national transportation infrastructure. With skilled IT and transportation professionals, it develops and maintains sophisticated transportation IT systems across domains.



Automation Efficiency


Enhanced Monitoring


Risk Mitigation Through Governance

The Challenge

The customer faced challenges managing a multi-account AWS setup, including manual account creation, which led to complexity and potential errors. Ensuring consistent security and compliance settings was difficult without centralized monitoring, and managing costs across accounts became time-consuming.


  • A multi-account structure with organizational units (OUs) has been introduced in their AWS organizations to streamline account management, enabling hierarchical organization for better policy enforcement, providing granular access controls, and simplifying cost tracking.  
  • SCP (Service Control Policy) in AWS Control Tower has been configured in their organization to mandate specific tagging standards, ensuring consistent tagging practices for resource management and cost allocation.  
  • Permission provisioning by implementing SSO in their AWS organization through the IAM identity center empowers organizations to finely control and secure access to resources, mitigating security risks and enforcing the principle of least privilege, reducing the risk of unauthorized access.  
  • Logs Archive in AWS Control Tower has been leveraged so that their AWS organizations can easily access and analyze logs from a single location to multiple accounts, enabling efficient monitoring and troubleshooting. 
  • Consolidated billing has been employed in the client’s account to streamline their billing process with a single payment from the payer account instead of managing separate bills for each AWS account. So, the payer account receives a comprehensive bill that includes the aggregated costs of all linked accounts. 

The Results

Efficient automation reduces manual work by 80%, centralized logging cuts monitoring time by 60%-70%, SCP enforcement mitigates risks by almost 75%, and industry-standard guardrails reduce compliance management burden compared to traditional setups.

Download the Case Study

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