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99.99% High Availability and 30% Annual Savings through Cost-Efficient Data Migration with AWS

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Non-Profit Organization


Amazon S3, Amazon EFS, Amazon EC2, AWS Backup, Amazon Elastic Load Balancer, Amazon EC2 auto scaling group, Amazon CloudWatch, AWS IAM, Amazon Virtual Private cloud, Amazon GuardDuty, Amazon Inspector, AWS CloudTrail.


Efficient AWS Migration, Automated Backups, and Cost-Optimized Infrastructure Result in 30% Annual Savings, 99.99% Availability, and Enhanced Security for Business Growth.

About the Client

The client is an Indian political party, a non-profit organization with over 10,000 employees and 484 associated members. It has a strong historical legacy, focusing on national development, and has successfully governed the nation multiple times, with a robust presence in state legislatures. 


200GB Application Data and 2TB Local Storage

Efficient Data Migration

3 days

Lightning-Fast Deployment


Reduced Costs

The Challenge

The client faced issues with over-provisioned resources: 500GB local disk used only 200GB, and a 1TB NFS server had 200GB data, incurring $200 extra charges. With no backup policy, 2TB of data is risked during outages. Migrated to AWS for efficiency, addressing workflow outages and inefficient database deployments. 


  • Successfully migrated application data from the third-party NFS and local server to the Amazon S3 and Amazon EFS using AWS Data Sync. 
  • 2TB data is transferred to Amazon S3 with AWS Data Sync, leveraging Amazon S3 Lifecycle Policies to automatically transition data to cost-effective storage classes, optimizing storage costs. 
  • We prioritized data security by implementing AWS backup and disaster recovery plans for Amazon EFS, Amazon EBS, and Amazon S3, safeguarding business continuity and minimizing downtime risks. 
  • AWS KMS (Key Management Service) is used for efficient encryption in the cloud for Amazon S3, Amazon EBS, Amazon RDS, and Amazon EFS. 
  • Amazon EC2 Linux server c6a.2xlarge (8 vCPU, 16 GiB RAM) is deployed and attached EBS volume of 350GB incorporated by Application load balancer and auto-scaling group. 
  • Amazon Aurora with MySQL Compatible db.r3.large(2 vCPU, 15.25 GiB RAM) and Postgres SQL db.r5.large(2 vCPU, 16 GiB RAM) is used for database operations. 
  • Enabled SSO and MFA for AWS accounts security and helped safeguard sensitive data and resources. 
  • AWS services leveraged in this solution are Amazon S3, Amazon EFS, Amazon EC2, AWS Backup, Amazon Elastic cache for Memcached, Amazon Elastic Load Balancer, Amazon EC2 auto scaling group, Amazon CloudWatch, AWS IAM, Amazon Virtual Private Cloud, Amazon GuardDuty, Amazon Inspector and AWS CloudTrail. 

The Results

Efficient AWS migration, optimized storage costs by 30%, reduced RTO/RPO with automatic backups, enhanced database availability by 99.99%, and achieved a 15% cost reduction through a comprehensive approach for an enhanced user experience and increased business growth 

Download the Case Study

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