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Near Real-time Call Analysis and AI Integrated Recommendation Engine for Business Growth on E-Learning Platform

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Amazon SageMaker, AWS Lambda, Amazon S3, Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon EventBridge, Amazon CloudWatch, AWS IAM,


Optimize transcription, enhance language understanding with AI21, implement MLOps with Amazon SageMaker for efficient entity extraction, and streamline storage on an E-Learning Platform.

About the Client

Scaler is an online learning platform for tech professionals headquartered in Bangalore, India. They boast 90 million monthly search impressions, 100,000 daily users, 4500+ expert articles, 25+ video courses from industry veterans, and 3000+ interactive challenges dedicated to nurturing the ecosystem for talent development. 


5-minute chunks of 15 seconds

Near Real-Time Transcription

AI21 contextual answers

AI-Powered Natural Language Understanding

NoSQL DynamoDB solution

Efficient MLOps and NoSQL Implementation

The Challenge

Integrating transcription services into call recordings for Scaler Academy faces challenges in entity extraction and seamless API integration, requiring solutions for complexity, accuracy, and optimal user utilization. 


  • Create a systematic audio transcription solution with adaptive capabilities for evolving requirements and new content. 
  • Develop a robust audio file processing pipeline integrating the Whisper model for accurate transcription and multilingual support. 
  • Leverage Amazon SageMaker to deploy a sophisticated Large Language Model (LLM) for natural language processing. Integrate the AI21 Q&A 10k model for contextual question answering, enhancing system intelligence. 
  • Utilize Amazon SageMaker for custom NER model training and deployment, including auto-scaling and endpoint monitoring. Extract valuable NER entities such as Company Names, Universities, and Skills. 
  • Establish an Amazon DynamoDB database for reliable and scalable storage of metadata associated with implemented solutions. Efficiently configure the database schema for enhanced manageability and accessibility. 
  • Configure AWS EventBridge to schedule and orchestrate workflow processes seamlessly. Automate the start and release of various endpoints using Lambda functions for optimal resource utilization. 
  • Implement an AWS CloudFormation template for automated deployment and configuration, ensuring consistent and repeatable infrastructure deployment across diverse environments. 

The Results

Successfully enabled real-time transcription, enhanced language understanding with AI21, optimized entity extraction using MLOps and Amazon SageMaker for NER, and deployed a robust NoSQL DynamoDB solution for efficient storage and retrieval with streamlined CI/CD integration. 

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