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Upskilling Protiviti’s Fresh Hires on Microsoft Technologies in 45 Days: A Case Study

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Azure fundamentals, Azure Cloud, Advanced Python and SQL Data Analytics, Microsoft Power BI, Data modelling and visualizing platforms


CloudThat's specialized team of trainers designed a Comprehensive Learning Program customized for Protiviti's unique needs. Participants were upskilled in various fundamental and niche technologies and tools using our patented Capability Development Framework.

About the Client

Protiviti is a global consulting firm specializing in delivering deep expertise, objective insights with a tailored approach, and unparalleled collaboration to help leaders confidently face the future. Protiviti has served over 35% of Fortune Global 500 companies and over 70% of Fortune 1000® companies. 


Hands-on projects in Azure Cloud, SQL, Data modeling, and data visualizations

Feedback score of 4.6 for quality of training

Participants were well-prepared for billable projects and client interviews

The Challenge

  • The customer wanted their new hires to be rapidly trained in fundamental and advanced IT skills to ensure their project-readiness.
  • 70% of new hires needed fundamental training in SQL and database design to further upskill on advanced technologies. The customer wanted the new hires to be ready to take on tech consulting projects, hence there was a wide skill gap.
  • The organization wanted to not only certify but also ensure practical knowledge for their employees on Azure technologies to ensure their deployment.  


  • 100% of participants completed the training and passed knowledge assessments in areas like Azure fundamentals, Microsoft Power BI, advanced Python and SQL, and data visualization
  • Hands-on cloud projects enabled trainees to gain practical experience in Azure Cloud, SQL, Data modeling, and data visualizations
  • Soft skills development was also a major area of improvement, including communication, team collaboration, and business orientation
  • Participants remarked feeling well-prepared to pass client interviews and hit the ground running on billable projects 

The Results

The participants gained an in-depth proficiency across key technological domains. The intense training program provided the new hires with improved confidence and readiness to take on client assignments requiring the latest data engineering and analytics skillsets. This allowed Protiviti to meet business goals around new hire readiness and deployment. 

Download the Case Study

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