Test Employee Competency and Project Readiness with Experiential Learning

Exclusively designed for the enterprise workforce, CloudThat's Experiential learning solution accelerates employee knowledge and skill development by letting them learn by working on real-time use cases similar to potential projects. Our guided learning by doing approach helps organizations empower and support high-performing people, create more business agility, and gain competitive advantage.

Guided Learning by SMEs

Experiential learning is for candidates who have already received specialized training on any skill or technology. During the learning-by-doing process, our certified and experienced SMEs work closely with the participants, guide them, and address their queries through daily reporting and scrum meetings to help them in solving the given problem statement or simulated project without any hurdles.

Customized Problem Statement

We believe that the workplace learning needs of every enterprise are unique, and so a “one size fits all” approach does not work. Based on potential project requirements of organizations, we help tailor the learning experience through customized problem statements related to your organization’s goal for better outcomes. In addition, we also have a set of pre-defined problem statements that can be leveraged based on the preference of the client.

Performance Tracking and Reporting

Progress tracking through daily reporting during the learning process helps us reinforce a sense of accomplishment and maintain momentum. At the end of each project, our team evaluates the proposed solution submitted by participants, grade performance, and share the report with stakeholders on demand. Through a global leaderboard, we encourage healthy competition and keep participants self-motivated to drive better learning outcomes.

Key Features

Our Approach/Methodology

  • The groups will be working towards the solution as teams
  • While creating a team, we check participant background to ensure a good mix of skill sets and expertise level in the team.
  • The teams will be created to facilitate peer-to-peer learning and knowledge sharing

  • The individual/ teams will be assigned with the problem statements for Azure/ AWS

  • Individual/ Teams will design the approach to achieve the solution

  • CloudThat trainers will be available to guide them
  • Learners will submit their projects

  • CloudThat will share the leaderboard with the stakeholders on demand

  • Groups of 5-6 members will be created as per total number of participants

  • Introduction to the problem statements and scenarios in Azure/ AWS

  • Individual/ Teams will analyze business context and define strategy, business rules to manage data model

  • Individual/ Teams will be presenting and discussing their proposed solution with other participants/ teams

  • CloudThat will share final solution and methodology documents with the participants

  • The learners will implement the solution in the respective Cloud environment

  • CloudThat trainers will share the end-to-end solution of the problem statement

  • CloudThat will evaluate the projects submitted by the participants and grade them

Hear our Customers Speak

“Took up the Azure IoT Hub Course with CloudThat Team. It covered all the important aspects of the necessary topics. Trainers were well trained and had in-depth knowledge of the topics taken. They also provided the required course materials and hands-on kit for experimentation purposes. They provided valuable insights on both theoretical and practical aspects. All the queries were also resolved related to the topics of the course and beyond. It was an informative course and is recommended for all avid learners,”

- Said by a Training Participant

“A very good 5-day training session. The training contents are extremely useful for certification purposes. The trainer is knowledgeable. He answered all the queries. Overall, I am satisfied with this training”

- Said by a Training Participant

“Excellent GCP Lab environment I appreciate the knowledge and skill of the trainer. Very much satisfied with the overall training program. Had a good understanding and through the lab, exercises had a good hands-on experience which will help us implement in a real-time environment”

- Said by a Training Participant

“CloudThat is Deloitte India Consulting’s training partner to deliver the unique upskilling program we designed for our advanced analytics practitioners. CloudThat successfully managed training delivery by conducting daily quizzes, providing qualitative and quantitative feedback on presentations, and publishing daily leader boards gives us confidence about the progress of learning”

- Praveen Panikkasssery, Associate Director, AI & Data, SMU MBA Network leader of Deloitte India

Cloudthat team members worked diligently to deliver a high-level overview of EDA scenario as well as a detailed deep dive into AWS cloud based solutions. A special call out for Amar, Daneshwari, Lakhan, and Padmanabha for ensuring that participants doubts are resolved and that open queries are followed upon. Team, keep up the good work

- Ashwani Gautam


Experiential Learning refers to the process of learning by doing. At CloudThat, we offer an Experiential Learning program to the enterprise workforce wherein they are given stimulated real-world projects as problem statements in which they work as individuals or in a team to connect theories and knowledge already learned in earlier skill training programs to real-world situations.

CloudThat offers experiential Learning exclusively to enterprise clients to help them transform their employees into billable resources. From early career to mid-level and senior-level, enterprises can enroll employees from any level of experience for the Experiential Learning program by CloudThat and test their skills and competency for a potential project.

No, Experiential Learning is not a training course.
Enterprises are often not sure if their employees are deployable or billable even after being trained. So, to check their ability and assess skills, our Experiential Learning program offers guided learning experiences supported by our SMEs. Participants are asked to work on simulated projects to test their project readiness. We do not train participants on any technology. We just guide them in solving a real-world use case similar to their real-life business challenges.

Each day throughout the learning duration, participants will work for a minimum of 8 hours on the project with CloudThat deployed SMEs. The total duration of completing the projects in Experiential Learning can be five days or more, depending on the criticality of the client’s project. The client will decide the program duration.

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