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A Compliance & Risk Management Company re-architects its AWS infrastructure in real-time 

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IT services and IT consulting 


Amazon QuickSight, Amazon S3 and Well-Architected Infrastructure 


Continuous re-architecting and risk management practices on AWS 

About the Client

Complinity is a comprehensive Cloud-based Compliance Management System that Tracks and Monitors statutory, regulatory, central & state, secretarial, and legal compliances within a company. It helps businesses manage all their compliance documentation, and activities, conduct audits and track and resolve compliance issues on the cloud. Complinity secures businesses and makes operational processes more efficient.


Integrated data from multiple sources using Amazon S3

Delivered 15 minutes refresh with real-time data on QuickSight Dashboard

Configured AWS Patch Manager to ensure patch vulnerabilities and nullify new threats.

The Challenge

Requirement for highly secure and scalable solutions to reduce their downtime and optimize costs. Provision to own the domain hosting to AWS 

"Highly professional and qualified team. Excellent service by the team for our Cloud requirements."

-Hari Balasubramanian


  • Employed Platform as a Service (PaaS) based solution – using AWS Elastic Beanstalk 
  • A highly available, scalable, fault-tolerant infrastructure for Java applications hosted on Windows EC2s instances using IIS (Internet Information Services) web servers with an autoscaling facility. 
  • Implemented changes in RDS (Relational Database Service) server for high availability and better security 
  • Implemented Application Load Balancer and Auto-scaling on the production servers for better availability and scalability. 
  • Utilized AWS CloudWatch logs and AWS CloudWatch metrics for monitoring the web application. 
  • Deleted underutilized servers or snapshots for better cost optimization. 

The Results

Reduced downtime, optimized costs, and provided a highly secure and scalable solution using AWS EC2, AWS RDS MYSQL, Amazon EBS (Elastic Block Store), AWS VPC, AWS KMS, Amazon Quicksight, and other services.

Download the Case Study

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