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Overcoming Operational Challenges Through Data Optimization and Real-time Insights

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Logistics and Supply Chain


AWS IAM, Amazon CloudWatch, AWS CloudTrail, AWS Support, Amazon S3, Amazon RDS, Amazon EC2


Business decisions with real-time analytics, structured user hierarchy, and Amazon QuickSight dashboards processing 250 GB daily, offering key metrics for comprehensive business evaluation in just 15 minutes.

About the Client

Line Clear Express & Logistics Sdn Bhd is a subsidiary of MMAG Holdings Berhad since 2015 and is a top supply chain management specialist in Malaysia, offering reliable delivery services, warehousing, last-mile delivery, and international options. With a broad network, they are a preferred choice for diverse business needs. 


15 minutes

Real-time Insights

250 GB +

Daily Data Processing Capacity

Dashboards and Reports

Structured User Hierarchy

The Challenge

The client handles thousands of daily packages at various stages, generating a substantial amount of data collected by multiple applications. They faced challenges, including the lack of access to key metrics, real-time package information, manual processes, and the inability to process this data effectively for decision-making, leading to operational inefficiencies and hindered customer satisfaction. 


  • Importing data from client applications, including tabular data from Amazon Aurora RDS and manual CSV data. 
  • Data is imported from Amazon Aurora RDS using Amazon Database Migration Service. 
  • Continuous data changes are replicated from Amazon RDS to Amazon S3 using Replication Tasks. 
  • Manual CSV data is collected and uploaded to an Amazon S3 bucket, serving as the Data Lake. 
  • Data is processed in Databricks Workspace, which utilizes Amazon S3 as a Data Lake. 
  • Delta Tables are created in Databricks for real-time data updates, handled by CDC jobs. 
  • Reports are generated based on client requirements, including exploratory data analysis and data transformation. 
  • Reports are stored in Amazon S3 as CSV files. 
  • Amazon QuickSight (Enterprise Edition) is used for data visualization. 
  • Amazon S3 is the data source for Amazon QuickSight, refreshed multiple times daily. 
  • A manifest folder with Amazon S3 URLs of Manifest files is created for QuickSight. 
  • Row-level security is applied based on the Branch column for region-specific access with multiple user roles. 

The Results

Decisions with 15-min real-time analytics, structured user hierarchy, daily 250 GB processing, and Amazon Quick Sight dashboards delivering key metrics in 15 minutes, with interactive user management and filters. 

Download the Case Study

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