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Sidvin achieves 99.99% High Availability with 250GB Data Cloud Migration to AWS with CloudThat’s Cutting Edge Storage Solution.

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Oil and Gas


Amazon VPC, Amazon S3, Amazon RDS, Amazon EC2, Amazon GuardDuty, AWS IAM


Data management with Amazon S3, achieving high availability, implementing cost-effective long-term storage, secure bastion host, and utilizing Veeam for snapshot storage

About the Client

Sidvin Core Tech is a leading ‘Engineering Design Company that pioneers detailed engineering services, offering innovative solutions and specializing in diverse facilities. With a mission centered on continual improvement, domain expertise, agility, and collaboration, Sidvin efficiently executes large-scale projects across various industries.


5 TB

Seamless Data Migration to Amazon S3


Increased availability achieved

250 GB

Data Storage to Amazon EC2 and Amazon EBS

The Challenge

The client faced challenges with expanding business, on-premises server limits, and outdated Tape Drive storage. They approached CloudThat to migrate to AWS, aiming for cost efficiency, enhanced user experience, and a resilient infrastructure. They used the Veeam backup and recovery tool in their AWS setup post-migration to ensure consistency. 


  • Replaced tape drives with Amazon S3 via AWS Storage Gateway for a seamless 5TB data migration to cloud-based storage. 
  • Leveraged Amazon S3 for extensive backup data, ensuring 99.9999999% availability and robust storage. 
  • Implemented AWS Storage Gateway for frictionless transfer of backups and logs to S3, with automated lifecycle policies optimizing storage costs. 
  • Utilized m5a.xlarge Amazon EC2 instances with high-performance Amazon EBS storage for seamlessly migrating 250 GB of data. 
  • Established auto-scaling and load-balancing for dynamic responsiveness and optimal resource distribution. 
  • Implemented Amazon RDS for SQL Server, utilizing m5.xlarge across Multiple Availability Zones for high availability. 
  • A secure bastion host (Amazon EC2 instance) was deployed for controlled access to private instances. 
  • Transitioned from storing Amazon EBS snapshots in Amazon S3 to Veeam backup tool, optimizing storage costs with lifecycle policies. 

The Results

Successfully replaced tape drives with Amazon S3, achieving 99.99% availability, implementing cost-effective storage solutions, seamless data migration, optimal performance, fault tolerance, and secure access in a comprehensive AWS transformation. 

Download the Case Study

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