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A FinTech Organization Achieves Comprehensive Disaster Recovery Strategy and Optimal Performance

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Amazon EC2, Amazon CloudWatch, Amazon VPC, Amazon GuardDuty, Amazon S3, AWS CloudTrail, Amazon API Gateway, Amazon RDS


Minimal downtime, Optimized costs, future-ready integrations with swift traffic redirection, and strong Amazon CloudWatch monitoring

About the Client

Osyte is an all-in-one investment technology solution for asset allocators. Their product covers the entire investment process, from data aggregation to performance measurement. It automates tasks, streamlines portfolio management, and enhances investment outcomes through real-time oversight. 


1-2 minutes

Recovery Time Objective (RTO)

5-10 seconds

Recovery Point Objective (RPO)

Latency Reduction and Enhanced Serverless Performance 

Amazon API Gateway, AWS Lambda, and Authorizer Collaboration

The Challenge

Oyste wants to re-architect its AWS setup using Amazon API Gateway as a central tool, focusing on devising a solid Disaster Recovery (DR) strategy for its current AWS infrastructure in the Oregon region. The main goals are to ensure uninterrupted business operations, establish failover protocols for optimal uptime, integrate Automated DNS Failover routing, maintain robust data availability, optimize network configuration to tackle latency concerns, cut down on data transfer costs, boost security measures, and follow AWS best practices. 

CloudThat helped us to build the cross-region BCDR infrastructure and solution to make our platform highly available. The team members are diligent, customer focused, friendly, and technically proficient. I would highly recommend them for any similar implementation and also will consider for future AWS consulting work. Great work team. Many Congratulations to everyone involved in the delivery of this project. Keep up the good work.

-Sellappa Gopalaswamy, Program Manager


  • Implemented serverless app with multiple AWS Lambda functions via Amazon API Gateway. Regional Amazon API Gateway is the front door to backend AWS Lambda handling complex logic. Custom domain on API Gateway for branded API endpoint. 
  • Standalone Amazon API Gateway with Lambda for dynamic content. Route 53 health checks in failover mode monitor Aurora DB health, routing live traffic to Secondary API Gateway during region failover. 
  • Failover-based records in Amazon Route 53 for primary & secondary Amazon API Gateway endpoints. During primary region outage, secondary region’s Aurora RDS becomes primary, prompting Amazon Route 53 to switch traffic. App fails back to secondary. 
  • Amazon S3 bucket with bi-directional replication ensures no data loss, maintaining identical data. 
  • Amazon Aurora Cross-Region Replication (CRR) prevents data loss in working secondary region. 
  • Amazon ElastiCache & Amazon EC2 servers (e.g., SFTP GW, Twin Gate) standby for cache and network tasks.

The Results

Amazon API Gateway integrates endpoints with Amazon Route 53 for quick failover, achieving an RTO of 1-2 minutes and an RPO of 5-10 seconds. It reduces latency in serverless design, collaborates with AWS Lambda and authorizer, and ensures compatibility through REST API. This optimizes costs by charging for API use and data transfer. Future integration with Amazon Cognito enhances user pool management, and the Amazon API Gateway provides Amazon CloudWatch metrics Dashboard for ongoing monitoring. 

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