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Seamless AWS Migration Empowers E-Commerce Firm with Scalability and Security

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Amazon EC2, Amazon VPC, AWS IAM, Amazon CloudWatch, AWS CloudTrail, Amazon Inspector, AWS Backup


A well-orchestrated, phased migration minimized disruptions to MSU's operations. CloudThat facilitated seamless knowledge transfer and provided technical documentation post-migration, empowering MSU to leverage its new cloud-based ecosystem effectively.

About the Client

With a legacy spanning almost 9 decades, Mysore Saree Udyog, founded by the Talera family in 1932, evolved from gold thread manufacturing to diversifying into silk yarn, fabric wholesaling, and retailing. MSU recently expanded its presence with an E-Commerce portal, offering its exquisite range globally. 



Consolidated SQL Server Deployment for Cost Efficiency

15K/month (INR)

Significant Cost Savings

Enhanced Security and Data Resilience

Increased Security and Minimal Downtime in AWS Environment

The Challenge

MSU struggled with its existing On-Premises setup, facing limited scalability, security issues without a Firewall, and an inability to handle increased customer demands. They approached CloudThat to solve their issue, aiming to migrate to AWS for modern cloud capabilities. This aimed to overcome challenges and set up MSU for long-term success in the digital age. 


  • Successfully migrated Windows Server and MS SQL Server workloads from On-premises to Amazon EC2, boosting compatibility and performance. 
  • Configured an optimized Amazon EC2 instance for Windows Server and SQL Server. Included a secure bastion host for RDP access, maximizing scalability and responsiveness. 
  • Used AWS Database Migration Service to smoothly migrate 2 read-write SQL Server databases, ensuring minimal downtime and data loss.  
  • Established a secure link between On-premises and AWS using site-to-site VPN, enabling seamless data transfer and communication. 
  • Utilized AWS’s redundancy and high availability zones for enhanced data resilience, ensuring continuous access to critical applications. 
  • Equipped the MSU team with training sessions and technical documentation. Provided ongoing post-migration support for issue resolution, environment optimization, and leveraging AWS capabilities. 

The Results

Successfully migrated workloads to Amazon EC2 saving 35% in costs by combining databases, cutting monthly electricity bills by INR 15K. Improved security, continuous monitoring, and AWS’s redundancy improved resilience and reduced downtime. CloudThat and Mysore Saree Udyog’s partnership enabled seamless migration, modernizing for growth and innovation. 

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