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A FinTech Company achieves Cost-Effective AWS Infrastructure with Amazon API Gateway

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Streamlined data retrieval, reduced costs, and enhanced security through customized VPC deployment, resulting in faster performance, lower expenses and secure access control

About the Client

Reluminos Tech LLP, established in 2008, became an official LLP limited company on March 3, 2021, offering an algorithmic trading platform for users to develop, test, and execute trading strategies with proven algorithms for profitable live trading. 


5 seconds

Improved Data Retrieval Speed

$1000 to $600

Cost-Efficient Deployment

Enhanced Security 

Implementation of AWS IAM

The Challenge

ReLuminos faced cost challenges with their existing non-AWS cloud infrastructure. To address this, they chose to redesign their AWS environment on a new account. Their goals included reducing data transfer costs, improving security, optimizing network setup, and following AWS best practices. 


  • An Amazon EC2 instance was configured with Nginx to handle request redirection to Amazon API Gateway, which in turn directed the requests to the appropriate AWS Lambda function. 
  • This architecture allowed the Amazon API Gateway to seamlessly route incoming requests to the appropriate Lambda function. 
  • The implementation of the Amazon HTTP API gateway was designed to handle a maximum of 5,000 requests per second, with the capability to dynamically throttle itself if necessary and scale up to 10,000 requests per second.  
  • This flexible and adaptive configuration ensures that the API gateway can effectively manage varying levels of incoming traffic, maintaining optimal performance and preventing potential overload. 
  • A single HTTP Amazon API Gateway was utilized to handle both GET and POST requests for 26 lambda functions. This streamlined approach consolidated the API calls, simplifying the architecture and improving overall efficiency. 
  • The Amazon HTTP API gateway supported two types of API calls: public and private.  
  • The public API calls were accessible to everyone, while the private API calls required IAM authentication, ensuring secure access for authorized individuals. This setup provided flexibility and enhanced security in managing different levels of API interactions. 
  • AWS CloudFormation Template was provided for the production server, enabling the client to modify instance types for Amazon EC2 and Amazon RDS. Inputs such as AMI, instance type, RDS instance type, and key for the production setup could be specified through parameters. Amazon API Gateway, AWS Lambda Function, and Amazon ECS were created through AWS CloudFormation Stack. 

The Results

ReLuminos achieved faster data retrieval, significant cost savings, and enhanced security by migrating services to a Custom VPC, utilizing a single Amazon HTTP API gateway for 26 AWS Lambda functions, and implementing AWS IAM for private API calls. 

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